WrestleMania Wyatt or Taker?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Mar 11, 2015.

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  1. Bray Wyatt

  2. The Undertaker

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    I'm trying to poll the community here and see which one of these superstars they think will come out of Wrestlemania 31 victorious? This was one of the matches looking at the card that I just really can't tell how they're going to have it play out.. Here's my perspective on this match and then I'll tell you which one I think is going to come out the winner..

    On one hand the Undertaker just lost at WM30.. this was the match that ended the 21-0 streak via the hands of Brock Lesnar.. So coming into this match against someone who has been on a roller coaster of a ride since the Bray Wyatt character was brought to the main roster you would think hmm... I don't really think they'll have Undertaker go out a 2 time loser at the end of his time with the company but you never know..

    Now look at Wyatt.. This was a guy who most thought would be the one to end the Taker's streak.. Wyatt's career could've been skyrocketed had he been the one to do it at WM31.. now that the streaks over and Wyatt hasn't been looking ENTIRELY great over the most recent bit of time and could really use a victory like this to gain momentum again.. but will it even have close to the effect it would've last year?

    Personally I'm going Wyatt on this one.. I just don't know, I think the WWE will book Taker to lose twice in a row.. I mean c'mon Wyatt has given some epic promos and been involved in a couple segments to build up this match while the Undertaker remains to be seen..

    Now to you guys! What do you think the outcome of this match against two dark beings will be?

    Also as an extra bit to this thread.. both figures have been rumored at some time or another to be linked to 'The Ascension'.. Now with them not currently booked to do anything at the show do you think the two will be involved in the match in some way?

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  2. Wyatt's been carrying this feud pretty darn well on his own, I'm much more interested in this match now than I used to be.

    - Going with Taker here, though. Simply because I don't see WWE letting Taker lose at WM for 2 years in a row.
    It's gonna suck for Wyatt to lose here because they've been building him up strongly for a while... Sure, facing Taker at the grandest stage of 'em all must be an honor, but still...

    As far as The Ascension getting involved, nope... Quite frankly, I don't see it.
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  3. My prognosis of who wins is based on a couple of conditions.

    1. If they're going with Undertaker vs Sting at Wrestlemania 32, then the Undertaker is winning. I mean, anyone should be able to see the setup for it - Undertaker defeats the dark and enigmatic Bray Wyatt to get "redemption" for the loss of the Streak last year, and Sting defeats Triple H so he can say he got at least one big win on his WWE resumeas opposed to just coming in, losing to Undertaker, and then retiring. And then the two of them will square off next year in Texas, where both men reside from.

    2. If it's the Undertaker's final match, then Bray Wyatt is winning and being the one bestowed with the honor of finally laying the Undertaker to rest for good. Many different people over the years have tried to be the one to vanquish the Undertaker for good, so what a rub it would be for Bray to actually be the one to do it.

    Realistic Scenario: Since I think all signs seem to point towards an Undertaker/Sting match, I'd go with Undertaker picking up the victory here. Hopefully they can have Bray withstand at least two or three Tombstones before staying down so that he looks as strong as possible and also has Taker doubting with each time that Wyatt kicks out whether he has what it takes to win at all anymore.

    Fantasy Scenario: Bray Wyatt pins Undertaker cleanly, holds some sort of mock eulogy for him the next night on Raw, and then goes on to wrestle and defeat (and retire) Sting at Wrestlemania 32 as well.
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  4. Taker is winning. lol @ the Ascension. fuck those jobbers
  5. Undertaker is going to win.
  6. It's going to be Undertaker, then I expect his retirement at least end with a 22nd win at mania
  7. I am in agreement with everyone else here! I would be willing to put a bet down on this match up. Undertaker, will surely take the win on this one.
  8. I don't even think this needs to be a debate. If The Undertaker loses it will be big damn slap to the face for everyone, but if he wins it will make sense. Judging by the way The Undertaker is being built up, he's going to win this match.
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  10. Very funny?
  11. Agreed, Taker's going to win IMO, as well. I'm sure of it, I just don't see Taker being booked to lose twice in a row, not that I'd mind it or anything.

    But at the same time, while it must be an honor for Wyatt to face Taker, it's gonna suck for Bray 'cause he's been built up strongly for quite a while...
    They'd better have something good in store for him once WM has come and gone.
  12. On the verge of tears over his chair breaking is not looking strong.
  13. I hope Tsar was joking with his last post because otherwise, that's a bizarre point to bring up.

    How fierce of an competitor Wyatt is made to look like in the ring and how much sentiment he has towards his beloved rocking chair (which is obviously tied to whoever or whatever Sister Abigail is, something that'll never be revealed to us) are two entirely different things. Having an emotional weak spot as a character doesn't mean that your actual booking has been weak. Undertaker showed a bit of vulnerability and weakness when Paul Bearer betrayed him and left him for Mankind, but that didn't change the fact that he was still The Phenom.
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  14. I think Taker will win although I'd rather Bray won. Ascension won't be there.
  15. Taker wins 100 %.
  16. Taker wins but Wyatt looks very strong throughout.

    I could see Taker/Sting or a Taker/Wyatt rematch at WM 32 in Arlington.

  17. Wyatt loses here.

    Fatal 4 Way Casket match, 3 caskets, as soon as the lid closes ur eliminated..

    Bray v Sting v Taker v CM Punk @ WM32
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  18. well for me i think that the undertaker is going to win case he taker the master of mind games here but bray is kinda the same crazy as taker but that is just me
  19. If they are booking this the way I believe, Bray Wyatt may just walk away as more of a babyface than when he begins.
    I envision a sort of 'squash' match with a finish Lockard laid out where Wyatt goes down after a specified number of Tombstones.
    With Taker beat up, he won't be taking as many bumps. With him being the aggressor and favorite heading in, I wouldn't be shocked for Wyatt to go the way of his predecessors and walking as a babyface.

    Each of Taker's opponents dating back to maybe 2006, walked away from their Wrestlemania match as almost de facto babyfaces.
    Edge became a more sympathetic heel by the time Big Show decided to get in on the Vickie Guerrero love triangle storyline.

    If I'm correct, Wyatt will be heading into Extreme Rules with a head of steam with WWE figuring out how to keep him heel.
    With a loss to Taker, how will WWE keep him heel heading into Extreme Rules. Feeding him to Daniel Bryan certainly makes sense if they are ready to send him on a slight losing streak.
  20. Personally I'd like to see Bray win it. Does Taker really need more wins if he is on his way out? Same as HHH really. And I think that "slap to the face" mentioned earlier would create a buzz that would be beneficial for WWE if Bray is sticking around (uh duh).

    Now, if the Ascension is used (which I would like to see them be, poor sods) I could see them being on Taker's side to get him the win like everyone seems to be predicting - which would then allow Bray to be able to feud with them once Taker leaves again until next WM. That's just how I would keep things connected though. I'm not WWE creative........
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