Wyatt to adopt The Ascension?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Oct 1, 2014.

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  2. The Ascension could be Bray's "Acolytes".

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  3. All this crazy talk about Bray being a heel is just that.
    Everything has alluded him to being not just a baby-face, but a top one at that.
    He smells like an anti-hero to me as I believe the audience is ready for one.
    The Ascension seem like a terrible fit. Bray shouldn't change for them it would be them changing for him.

    The beard thing popular these days so setting Harper loose makes sense financially, as well.
  4. Wyatt to adopt The Ascension? No, thanks.

    However, I'm looking forward to seeing how The Wyatt Family break-up goes...
  5. I like bray and the ascension a lot, but I'm more excited about what's going to happen to harper, tbh
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  6. Not entirely big on this reported plan but hey why not, let's see where WWE takes us eh?
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  7. It's a risk taker but why not? Sounds like it's going to be interesting.
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  8. Lets do it!!
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  9. No thanks. I don't think they really need to be adopted by anybody. With the right booking they could be incredible without Wyatt.
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  10. I think he could adopt The Ascension, and then later on Ascension would turn on Bray, making him a babyface. Even though imo Ascension could debut on their own, but if Bray's gonna adopt them, at least they should turn on him at some moment.

    Also, all this talk about Harper and Wyatt breaking up, but what about Erick Rowan? Seems that everyone has totally forgotten him.
  11. No need to align them with anyone. Let them give it a go, perhaps if they're not getting over then that would be a time to entertain the idea of aligning them with bray.
  12. I'm actually kind of disappointed by this, a little...I feel that as an entity the Wyatt's could've done more. But, oh well...singles would be good for them.
  13. no pls, I like my original Wyatt Family. :true:
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  14. Wyatt family vs the Ascension to see who gets to run with Bray???

    I wouldn't mind. I bet they could get a cool story line out of the ascension being under Bray's control.
  15. This would probably be the best way to go about getting them to be his "disciples".
  16. Bray should adopt the Briscoes.
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  17. If they want to replace Rowan and Harper, The Ascension would certainly be the best talent to do it with. I'd much rather they just let the Family go and have Bray Wyatt go on his own, though.
  18. Luke Harper comes out alone, Bray Wyatt comes out alone, Erick Rowan comes out alone.

    I highly doubt an actual angle will be involved to end the Wyatt Family.
  19. So it'll go down quitely and unexplained like Ambrose/Reigns alliance? Meh.
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  20. You have to admit, Rollins coming out of nowhere, being called 'the architect' and dismantling them the way he did killed the Shield.
    Once Rollins defected like that the Shield lost its legs because they were noobs.
    A vet may have rallied the Shield together, but they each (Reigns/Ambrose) had a long career ahead of them.

    I never bought Rollins as the leadership type. He isn't inspiring enough. It was a reach and something HHH put together I'd imagine.
    It may have been put in place months prior, but Ambrose is more inspiring as a leader than Seth Rollins could dream of being.
    Simply making Dean Ambrose a 'lunatic' is in no way a slight to his ability to motivate or inspire others around him.
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