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Discussion in 'RAW' started by edge4ever, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. Hey,

    What did you all think of the most recent Wyatt video. I mean it seems that they're splitting and going into singles competition....however, at the end of his last vid, it stated on a pregnant woman's belly, "it's coming."

    what do you think this means? like what is WWE planning with them. I've loved these videos, I'm just hoping big things now start to happen with the Wyatt's.

  2. FIIIIIINAAAALLY... Okay, wrong thread.

    - I absolutely loved Harper's and Rowan's vignettes. So, I guess it's pretty much clear they'll be going their separate ways. I'm looking forward to that!

    - However, that preganant woman's belly saying 'IT'S COMING' may as well signify a new start for The Wyatt Family, a new one. There've been rumors of Bray adopting The Ascension, so... Another way of interpreting that sign could be that there'll be a new beginning for Bray Wyatt, he's been born again and he'll fly solo as well... Something like that.
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  3. I hope so and it'll be interesting if Bray gets the ascension.....Bray is easily one of the best mic talkers and performers as of right now...he needs to be pushed.
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  4. Personally I don't agree with Rowan going on a singles run, I hope they find a partner for him.. he's a good wrestler sure.. but he'll get lost in the card way behind Wyatt & Harper IMO.. We'll see I'm intrigued to see what happens with the family.
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  5. If all they really had for the Wyatts was this, lol.
  6. Umm, if you think of it, these vignettes make sense... Their break-up shouldn't have been an all out brawl, with one guy turning on the others. The Wyatt Family being eccentric weirdos and all, and now going seperate ways was shown in a great way in both Harper and Rowan's vignettes. They were set free, Bray is still the leader and the family's break-up will most likely lead to Bray eventually becoming an anti-hero character. He's proved in these videos that every good person does bad things, and every bad person does good things, so he let the boys go. That's how I think of it.

    We'll see what happens with all the members, though. Time will only tell.
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  7. Not in regards to the break up (although if it is really a break up it's anti climatic as hell, lol), in regards to their run. They had some good times when they were working with Punk and Bryan, but other than that... there was that bad first program with Kane, then they did nothing, had the aforementioned good program and were fed to Cena. Although, sorry, I did forget their Shield feud. That was great. But then Bray was fed to Cena and had a feud with Jericho where he actually lost the first match, still laughing at that. And now it's over. Just think they should've done a lot more with them.
  8. I agree! They should have done a lot more with them. But they did not, which is one of WWE's finest characteristics, they tend to fuck up great talent(s) most of the time.
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  9. Yes.
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  10. I wonder if the belly is making reference to Sister Abigail herself? I know there was always speculation of someone taking on that role. I would mark out if it was Charlotte. I doubt it will be as I assume being Ric Flair's daughter would be enough of a gimmick haha.
  11. lol that's actually a really good idea.
  12. Um... no. Sister Abigail should forever remain ambiguous and an enigma, especially since Bray Wyatt names his finisher after her.
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  13. Whatever lock, nobody cares what you think :mad1-61:
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  14. normally, I'd agree with this....but why not do something different and associate a sister Abigail with Wyatt? Like he converted her to join and she becomes sister Abigail?
  15. I hope that we still see the Wyatts regularly re-unite but with Bray being a sort-of Anti-Hero, Harper being general badass in the midcard, and Rowan hopefully finding his calling somewhere (I'm not entirely sure what he can do now). But no new members, I don't think.
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  16. I just want to see Bray make it to the top....at least a couple times....I can imagine the great feuds he would have with DB....Roman....etc for the WWE World Title.
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  17. :true:
  18. Bray is leaving WWE to go start a church in Groveland, FL
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  19. lol wut
  20. All 3 of them will get lost on the card. Rowan will be no different than Wyatt and Harper.. WWE doesn't know what to do with them and that won't change when they split them up.
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