Wyatt vs Bálor is STILL going! GAH!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by 20X20, Oct 12, 2017.

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  1. Can you BELIEVE this crap? It feels like it's been going on for AGES! Bálor should be in a feud that actually matters! And how are we supposed to believe that he's actually scared of Wyatt and his crappy voice distortion software? Christ. I feel sorry for both men. But mostly for Finn 'cause we all know that the powers that be gave up on him creatively forever ago.

    It's probably the worst thing going on in RAW right now.
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  2. I hvnt seen much WWE this year to even begin to understand whats going on. I need to rent the dvds for this year to catch up on.
  3. DVDs? Why don't you watch the shows online? That's what I do, 'cause I stopped watching TV in 2010.
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  4. Well, Sometimes I do, If they're interesting enough.
  5. I just meant for like the PPV'S
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  6. I seeeeee. Well, if you don't watch everything because you don't find it interesting sometimes, I can't say I blame ya.

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  7. It was much better like 10 yrs ago or so. Now a days, It just seems like its lacking that certain "spark" In My Opinion...
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  8. No, you're right. It often is. If the WWE didn't have a monopoly in the business, then things would be different, like back in the Monday Night War days. But since that competition doesn't exist, they've been fine with delivering a lot of lackluster crap for yeeeaaars.
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  9. Probably feels so long because Finn has no fucking personality what so ever and Wyatt’s just given up at this point and their styles are both kinda odd so they won’t have the best matches either.
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  10. I hate that it's still going...
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  11. I disagree with that, but not completely. He's obviously not the best on the microphone, and yet they still have him talk, and this whole program with Wyatt has made him look even worse, since it's so bad.

    I'm not sure most performers would be able to pull off having to pretend that they're actually terrified of heavily-edited singing children and a big man who talks a shit ton of ramblings that mean nothing.
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  12. I feel ya, man. It makes me want to hire someone to PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY!
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  13. Both Balor & Wyatt are in a tough spot at the moment...

    The top of the card is populated by Vince's favorites and
    both Balor & Wyatt are simply there to be (eventually) fed
    to Lesnar, Strowman & that Guy I Ignore.

    The only way these two stand a chance is (one of them)
    being drafted to SmackDown AFTER the Jinder/India
    Experiment (which has been a complete failure because
    to put it simply...


    is over...and then may-be their careers will improve and
    move out of this stagnant pool of a feud.
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  14. Yeah, that made him debut by winning his first match against Reigns and made him Universal Champion at SummerSlam after, now I feel like they’re just going through the formula of trying to get someone over like they tried with Reigns (Win the world title, have a feud with Bray, put him in the main event immediately) now they just need him to lose at WM to make him look like an idiot and we’re set.

    I also REALLY don’t understand the need to have a guy talk more than those who can talk if they don’t have mic skills whatsoever, if anything it adds to Finn Balors gimmick of being this guy that can switch between personas in a real blood feud rather than have him just say the most generic unbelievable shit that doesn’t sound real at all.
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  15. Balor's Gimmick I can agree with. And It suits him. But with Bray... Well, He's just plain creepy in his own way. Never cared much for him. And now this really creepy gimmick of his is worse. Was totally hopeing it would be someone else besides Wyatt himself....
  16. The thing is though that Bray isn't creepy at all, he's cringey as fuck. Like to the point in which, if I was watching the show on the USA network, I'd honestly change the damned channel because I find it so bad. The only reason I don't is because I'm looking to make content off of all WWE stuff, even the really bad stuff like this.

    And it's good to remember the bad, because when there's good stuff to see, you remember that you could be watching stuff that bad again.
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  17. Yes, Cringey is a much better word.
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    I'll say what I say in most Bray threads, can't wait for him to be Gift of the Gods Champion.

    I bet Hulu Raw is FIRE right now. Keep the Shield stuff, Strowman squashes, Miz promos, battles for Asuka, and the Cruiserweights and cut out the meaningless midcard crap and Wyatt, this'll be the best Raw has been in forever
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  19. I sure hope ur right about that, Snow!
  20. That's quite an assumption. I don't think it's anything to do with 'affordability'. Trust me, people have cash (not the majority, but neither is that the case in ANY country). The India you see on media is quite different to the one in reality.

    The thing is, we get Live Smackdown and Raw + PPVs(delayed by like 12 hours which works for the timezone too) the network offers, via a cable channel that WWE has a deal with. So unless you're a super hardcore fan, no you're not getting the network. Because you just simply don't need to.

    Social Media numbers are high because outside of China, India has the biggest population and since China has an iron curtain up as far as social media is concerned India's presence is much bigger.

    That said, I do agree with your original point that it's a failed experiment, and the reason is simple. Wrestling fans in India (are generally) marks for the top guy. So have John Cena win the title off of Jinder, they'll love it. They're happy there's an Indian champion but at the same time, it's not a 'top' guy or a face. They take that shit seriously.

    Like you wouldn't believe.
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