Wyatt vs Ziggler feud coming?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Sep 12, 2014.

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  1. I know its just from rumors, but I read a blurb about Wyatt maybe having a feud with Dolph Ziggler after his IC feud with Miz ends at NOC. I would friggin love that! Would you guys???

  2. Remember when Bray was in a Wrestlemania feud with the face of the company?
  3. That ended well too
  4. I'm not even sure how that would start, let alone how it would be good.
  5. Wyatt will probably just attack him for being a face the crowd loves. Same as Jericho really. Wouldn't surprise me. I'd just love to see the two face off against one another. Dolph should 'show off' and baseball slide under Wyatt as he spider walks lol
  6. I'd like, just for once, for Bray to get built up. He keeps getting made to look super weak.
  7. And yet his fan base remains true if the 'fireflies' during his entrance are any indication
  8. Wyatt is above the Intercontinental title, but it's better than a feud with the Big Show I suppose.
  9. I'd love to see Bray vs Ziggler feud. And would definitely love to see Bray getting his first championship reign.
  10. I heard Show was going to feud with Lesnar (laaaaaaaame)
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  11. Yeah...
    Damn you Bryan for getting injured, and damn you Punk for walking out.

    So, they're gonna relive the feud between the Big Show and Lesnar, eh? I'd rather see Orton, Cesaro (not happening, but fuck it) or Sheamus going at it with Brock for the title, tbh.
  12. As long as it ends with Lesnar making Show cry again I'll be fine.

    Lesnar facing off against a heel Henry would be pretty good. Because why not.
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  13. Typical WWE logic. "This guy is still over, so we can just job him out! Fans will still support him!"

    Bray is one of those guys that shouldn't be eating pins... like, ever. Instead he is jobbed out like his name is Dolph Ziggler.
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  14. This is why the feud intrigues me. Almost like Bray is in the seat Ziggler was not long ago. Do they trade places if they feud?
  15. Bray vs. Ziggler would be great....but, I can also see where this could go wrong for Bray yet again. Bray ultimately lost to Cena which I expected, but I also expected them to give him a big recovery win over someone else (Jericho) at Battleground. He lost that one, too. He then got stomped to the curb by Cena on Raw, meanwhile the other Wyatt's are jobbing to everyone they face. He finally won at Summerslam. And, most recently, barely won the cage match with all Wyatt's involved.

    Point is this, hopefully they don't make Bray look like hell again. I would like to see both these men beat each other at least once....but let Wyatt win the title, with the other Wyatt's involvement and let that conclude the feud. Dolph then moves on to face the one and only Brock Lesnar! Great match that would be. Although that's never going to fucking happen.
  16. Wouldn't that require Bray winning the IC title? I think most fans would groan at the idea.
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  17. Not like he couldn't drop it again easy enough
  18. I think it'd be okay to have Bray win the IC title. Yes, I know he's above the IC title and all... But unfortunately Bryan's injured, so he's not in the ME picture and along the way, Bray's caught Cena-itis, so why not win the IC title and restore some momentum...
  19. Don't see what that accomplishes. Bray felt unique upon debuting. Like he was the next great superstar. WWE has taken away all of that mystique and then some in record time.
  20. They're really trying to bury Bray, aren't they? lol
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