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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. Posting this during RAW; how good was Wyatt's promo? Not only that, but the crowd weren't assholes. No Husky Harris chants, and actual respect shown to one of the most interesting characters in the whole company atm. The entrance was epic, the beat down was epic, the Wyatt part of the beat down was epic (kiss on the forehead, fantastic finisher, etc.), the promo was damn right incredible, and the way he stood up to Truth with the chair was chilling. Loved every second of it.
  2. And I see Kane coming back as the evil man we miss and love
  3. It was pretty awesome. Already loving what they're doing with him.
  4. Honestly I think they're boring. Blablablablabla eater of the world dadadadada. Fuck you and get out of my face.
  5. :notsure: if serious
  6. Seriously?:pity1:

  7. Huskyharrisly.
  8. I really don't know, stream froze. Only heard a few parts of it, they were good.
  9. that entrance is the shit
  10. He's definitely going to be something. I just hope the casuals will stop those fucking what chants whenever he tells a story. I'm going to shit in everyone's mouth if that happens. :tough:
  11. Bray Wyatt is downright incredible. He has fantastic talent on the mic and I love his gimmick. He already has a lot of buzz and I think it will continue for quite some time. If there were any doubters before, I would imagine they're gone now after that promo. He definitely solidified himself as a great new talent.

  12. What's with you and wanting to shit on people and things tonight...

    Anyway, yeah, I loved it. I also have the feeling Kane is coming back as an evil man who will be apart of the family (I called it, woo) instead of the softened version we've all become used to (unfortunately) over the years.
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  13. Idk, man. I think I'm hooked. :((
  14. Feel free to threaten to shit on me if you ever dislike something I say or something... Not that I have a fetish for feces or anything.

    And I take back a tiny bit of thinking Kane will be APART of the family... I think it's more likely that he returns and pretends to be one of them at first by standing by them and having Wyatt even announce him as the newest member of the family, only to suddenly start hammering away at them or something. Pretty much an ideal first opponent for Wyatt and the perfect rival to bring out the dark side in Kane again.
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