Money in the Bank Wyatts all get gold at MITB?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Trip in the Head, Jun 25, 2014.

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  1. Just thinking about how the WWE landscape would be changed if the entire Wyatt Family walks away with gold at MITB. I kind of liked the thought of it. And I think the majority of the WWE universe would be happy with it too. Bryan has a past with Bray so a transition of him back into the main belt scene would be easy to pull off. And the Usos and the "Wyatt Family" have a decent feud going already. But TBH I would like to see the Ascension move up to the main roster and feud with the Wyatts if they get the belts.

    What do you guys think?
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  2. I really hope so they all deserve it more than anyone
  3. I'd be alright with this scenario. Someone needs to transition the belt to Bryan, and although I can't say I'm very happy with Wyatt being a transitional champion, he fits the bill (for this purpose I would put the belt on Hunter, but I guess he's not getting the belt :emoji_slight_frown: so Wyatt is fine). As far as Harper and Rowan as tag champs, yeah, that'd be good as well, I enjoy them. But I do like the Usos too so I'm fine either way there (although if Wyatt does win the belt then they should really give them the tag straps so we can see all three as champs at least for a while).
  4. The fact that all three Wyatt family members are booked in championship matches is what gives me hope that Wyatt could still walk out with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (despite the rumors of Cena winning it and Brock challenging for it at Summerslam.) I posted this thought before, but imagine if Bray did his signature pose (down on his knees with his arms stretched out) with a title in each hand, and Rowan and Harper are standing behind him each holding up a tag team belt. That'd be a great final image for the PPV to close on.
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  5. Oh man, that would be epic
  6. Nah, they've gone cold on Bray. He's just there to make the numbers up like Sheamus, ADR, Orton, etc. Would love to see The Wyatt Family all carrying gold, but it won't happen Sunday.
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  7. They might get the tag gold but I don't think they'll get the world title
  8. I'm not sold on Harper and Rowan as tag champs yet- I can't put my finger on why, I like them in-ring and all but still.
  9. I know Harper > Rowan, thats for sure. Theres been many a time when it comes down to just Rowan left in the ring with some big name guy (Cena comes to mind) and I'm like "Oh, thats it" lol. He has surprised me a couple of times though.
  10. Wyatts + Gold = Ratings
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  11. Oh snap... I think about that for a minute, and there is a big smile on my face...
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  12. Pretty sure Kane's winning the Championship, to feud with a returning Daniel Bryan? makes sense to me.
  13. Yeah I could see that given their tag team past
  14. Would you guys be too mad if the winner of the MITB championship match isn't actually a transitional champion? I mean, it isn't written in stone that Bryan will go over this new champion, they may just give him the dolph ziggler treatment to a lesser extent
  15. I probably wouldn't be too upset. I'd be more pissed if Cena won it AGAIN. Anyone else, even Orton, and I wouldn't mind, just not Cena lol
  16. I'd rather see John Cena win it again, honestly. Cena defeated Kane in a Stretcher match to qualify for the match, so Kane being added in at the last moment makes zero sense. I also fail to see why Orton was smiling when Hunter announced that Kane would be the eighth participant in the match. That's just one more person for Orton to have to run through to become champion again.

    But whatever. It's wrestling, using logic is putting too much thought into it.
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  17. Nooooo not Cena again! lol
  18. lol You would honestly rather have Kane as champion? I'm just saying that between the two, I'll easily take Cena. He carries far more credibility as a main eventer than Kane does.

    Besides, with rumors pending of Lesnar possibly winning the championship at Summerslam (or the prospect of Bryan himself winning it back from Cena in a rematch from last year's Summerslam, which isn't rumored or even likely but rather just pure speculation on my part), Cena may not be holding onto the strap for very long anyway.
  19. Oh I guess if you put it that way, yeah, Cena would be better than Kane out of just those 2. But out of the 8 guys in the match I'm really hoping that neither Cena or Orton get the belt. But one of those 2 probably will just because I don't want them too.
  20. When is MITB? Soon? I may actually check it out, it is in my big 4 of PPVs.
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