Wyatt's cryptic promo to....?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 5, 2015.

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  1. In case you missed it:

    He's got to be talking about the Undertaker here right? Was feared, now loved. Seems like it to me. Man I hope they do a good job with the story.
  2. Yep. Plus he said on Smackdown last week that "I fear no one, living or dead", which sounded like a subtle reference to The Dead Man to me. Looks like the feud is all but a lock at this point.

    I'd rather Taker didn't work this year's Mania, but if he does, Bray is the best choice to work with imo. Their characters complement one another perfectly, so if they actually put some creative thought and effort into it, it could be good. But the way they lazily booked Taker's last two feuds at Wrestlemania doesn't install me with much hope.
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  3. Yeah I remember seeing that one last week. Figured that must be who he was talking to/about. I'm getting kind of excited to see what they do with it. You know as soon as Taker shows up people are going to go nuts.
  4. I wonder of taker will come out and announce his retirement and induction into the hall of fame... Only for wyatts music to cut in and him laugh at taker... Saying things "oh so you're done old man??? I thought you were the demon of Death Valley.. Price of darkness.... Taker of souls... Yet you lost what you hold so valuable.... And you leave everyone like this???"

    It would be perfect using this angle... Taker is done fighting but bray forces him into one more match.
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    Oh yeah, that was definitely a reference to Taker.

    Damn, this might actually happen. Can't say I'm amped up for it.
  6. you call that subtle?
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  7. Pretty clear it was with Taker imo. Well, if Taker is going to work again (which I'm not crazy for, but it's fine I guess), working with a young guy can only help.
  8. The Undertaker's last 4 opponents (Lesnar, Punk, HHH, HBK) did a great job of humanizing the Undertaker character.
    Finally, we will again have an opponent that can play mind games and bring back an element of the Undertaker persona that's been missing since the original HBK/Taker WM 25 match.
    Maybe this match will be less physical and more of a mental sparring of sorts. If they can re-create elements of the Kane feud with a little of HBK's messianic type persona this can be money.
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  9. You're not amped for it???
  10. Don't shit on Taker for a few bucks. I think it's a good fit character wise, and Wyatt is good in the ring IMO. As someone before me said, they can bring back the old mind games Taker. The reason why that's been gone for awhile is because it's been done to death. Waste of both of these guys' time. It's bad because it means Taker goes out on a low note, and Wyatt won't gain much from it because of Bryan, Rollins, Reigns and HHH/Steph.
  11. From WWE's point of view, yes. Since he has no prior history with Undertaker, since he didn't come out and refer to Undertaker by name, and since the commentators pretended like they had no clue what Wyatt was on about, that's pretty much the definition of subtle, even if it's obvious to some of us (the fact we know this match has been rumored for some time helps.) A lot of the casuals might believe they've actually seen the last of Undertaker now that his Streak is dead.
  12. :nope:
  13. I just don't see how anyone will really benefit from this match. If Wyatt wins then Undertaker has lost two Wrestlemania matches in a row after winning 21. If Undertaker wins then WWE took one of their best heels (I call him that because WWE is really hurting on the heel front right now) and slowed his momentum further.

    But then again, take a step back and consider it. Yes the streak is broken. That one crowd shocking moment has happened. If one year later the Undertaker now has a losing streak at Wrestlemania... not as shocking but might still be a but surprising.

    That being said I don't really think they'll have him lose. But the big guy really should hang up the tights rather than wrestle.
  14. Why wouldn't he wrestle? It's all for the good cause of the WWE Network, to hell with his own well-being. :dawg:
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  15. How about it ends in a "no contest". No real/clear winner, but both guys beat the living fuck out of one another
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  16. Might be cool for Wyatt to say that Taker technically couldn't beat him at Wrestlemania while also avoiding Taker actually losing twice in a row booking wise, but otherwise a no contest would be a hell of a lame finish in this case. 21-1-1? Meh.
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  17. Oh I agree, I was just trying to think of scenarios where the Undertaker didn't actually "lose". Personally, I don't see why he should win. He's never around other than during WM season so it would be good for him to put a more regularly featured superstar over IMO. But I could understand how some might not like Taker getting another mark in the L column. We'll see I guess.
  18. I still hope Taker decides to sit it out this year. I think it gives more weight to the Streak being dead if he actually misses Wrestlemania for the first time in fifteen years (and also the first time since the Streak started being a big deal.) The fans would be a lot more excited to see him again if he waits till next year to return for when he faces Sting at Wrestlemania 32 (not that I'm excited for that match either, but it seems almost inevitable at this point.)

    However, the reason WWE wants to use him isn't just because of believing he may still draw (although an argument could be made that the Streak has been more of a draw than Taker himself in past years), but because they have him on a 1 million dollar a year guaranteed contract and figure they may as well try to get whatever they can out of him to justify the money.
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  19. Shit if I was paying him that much I would want him to show up a few times a year at least. :damn:
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  20. You can bet they would if he wasn't so banged up. He did work a couple of matches on TV in 2013 (with The Shield and a singles match with Dean Ambrose) and there were rumors of Taker and Kane vs The Shield at Summerslam, but unfortunately, the latter fell through. And hell, Taker hurt himself even just doing those matches.
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