Wyatts including city names in their intros

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  1. Someone was a genius when they told the Wyatts to add the city name to their "We're here" slogan before they come out. Reminds me of the "Finally, the Rock has come back to" saying from the Rock. I don't think I've heard anything else comparable in awhile. Pretty awesome IMO. What do you guys think?
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  2. Small change, yet effective! I like it :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I mentioned it in my review. I find it interesting that WWE is having a clearly heel stable embrace the cheers they receive. Usually it seems like they wouldn't want their heels to get cheered, but I guess this might mean they are embracing shades of grey and starting to move away from black and white heels/faces, which to me is smart. If the crowd wants to cheer your charles manson like cult, let them!
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  4. People did it with the Shield after awhile too. Nice sig btw.
  5. People cheered the shield, but they were never using cheap-pop tactics like mentioning the city name. That's the part I find unique.

    I was confused when the Outlaws were pandering to the crowd as heels before as well (up until this past Raw). But I'm thinking WWE isn't all that interested in declaring guys face or heel at this point, they just like when guys get a reaction from the crowd. I guess when their world champ gets no reaction I can understand why.
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  6. Thats what I meant actually. I know they weren't using city names in their shit, just that the people started to cheer them, be they face or heel.
  7. I loved that they mentioned Chicago in their entrance. Brilliant. Simple and effective. Made their intro bigger.
  8. Was this actually the first one? I feel like they did it on SD last week too. Maybe I'm imaging things because I did watch that part of RAW twice.
  9. I'm pretty sure they haven't done this before. But if they did or didn't, it was awesome on Raw Live. "Chicago....we're here...." the crowd like erupted.
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  10. Yes, definitely a good idea, whoever was behind it.
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  11. Prefer the first one they did. Never sounds as crisp as the first " were here"
  12. really you like the original way better?
  13. Yup
  14. It wasn't bad that way. I just love the crowd reaction now as he blows out that lantern. *poof* *crowd pops*
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  15. how could you....I mean really....how dare you....
  16. It's a small but cool and effective touch.
  17. Holy shit I think thats the shortest post I've ever seen from you Lock
  18. sadly this was like the one time I was actually interested in lockard's opinion on something and he no sells it.
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  19. at any live event, people LOVE hearing the name of their city.. So, why not.
  20. All of the 'E's slightly less than human gimmicks have evolved into fan favorites (Taker, Mankind, Kane... even the Brood came in a time where what they were doing was considered cool)

    The Wyatt's were insanely over in NXT/FCW and for good reason... they remind me of the "The Doors" actually

    Being unlike everyone else made Kevin Smith (think of 'Clerks' or 'Dogma') a lot of money in an industry which was largely cookie cutter and formulaic at the time
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