News Wyatt's injured again

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 4, 2016.

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  1. Source: Wrestling inc and the observer

    FFS Bray, you're always injured
  2. [​IMG]



    FOLLOW THE...doctors instructions,Bray.
  3. Well, damn. I knew that injury on SD looked legit. Sucks for Bray.
  4. Well...there's a difference between "hurt" and "injured".

    And, whether anybody likes it or not, when it comes to ankle sprains, it's the athlete who has to make the decision about if/when they can perform. And we all know that tons of wrestlers work hurt and a lot of them continue to work injured.

    So, internet wrestling news reports aside, let's calm down until we find out if Bray can work those weekend shows or not.

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  5. Just because he skips house shows for a weekend doesn't mean he's "Injured", he's hurt and will likely take the house shows off and be back on TV next week.
  6. From last night:

  7. Oh, FFS! The dude's so injury-prone.

    Get well soon, Bray.
  8. I feel like they aren't going to want to give him any legit push in awhile (after he comes back). Maybe just stick to managing, buddy?
  9. Bray, buddy.

    How do you already have hamstrings and knees like Mutoh? You don't even do moonsaults
  10. HE'S FAT! - :steiner:

  11. Really out of shape there, Bray #Sarcasm
  12. Probably would've been champion if it weren't for the injuries
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