News Wyatts/Lesnar Feud No Longer Happening

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by WarMachine, Feb 22, 2016.

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  1. This is fantastic news and disproves the theory that WWE ignores their audience. The only thing I'm hoping now is that this is a no hold barred match because just a traditional match won't cut it. Not only that, it's just not plausible that he can co-exist in the same ring as Lesnar unless it's under No DQ rules.
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  2. Thank GOD! I did not want to see Brock be wasted facing that fat jobber or his job squad.
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  3. I'd rather see Lesnar vs Ambrose, to be honest. As for Wyatt and the JOB Squad? I honestly don't know. I can see them getting the ATGMBR treatment because WWE fucked them over HARD last night. They look like a bunch of losing chumps - and to think, a while ago we had Rowan actually being a decent face (before Show fucked him up), Harper looked like he could reinvigorate the Intercontinental Championship, Bray Wyatt has beaten Daniel Bryan CLEAN in the past and uhh, Strowman... well, he went over strong in his debut.
  4. They look weak as hell anymore. They lose all the time and they lost to Kane, Ryback, and BIG SHOW? come on now. WWE is basically scraping the barrel with them now.
  5. And as far as the ATGMBR goes, he's probably gonna win the damn thing.
  6. It's at least good to see that they are giving something big to both guys. Lesnar vs Wyatt, and Ambrose vs someone like Jericho wouldn't have done either guy justice. It won't feel like it's the losers at Fast Lane getting put together either, just two guys who can't stand each other.

    Honestly though, if Ambrose can't beat Reigns then I doubt they'll let him beat the beast. Only way is if it's a No DQ, but it'll still be a long stretch. Only thing you can ask for is that he looks somewhat credible.
  7. Good. This is an improvement imo. I'd have Bork kill Wyatt at some random Raw so he gets his comeuppance, but I definitely think Ambrose/Brock is better for WM
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  8. Great decision. Ambrose vs Lesnar would be so interesting, I'm already loving it.
  9. I'm all for it. It shall be tons of fun.
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  10. Ambrose vs brock is much better. Will Ambrose beat Brock.
  11. Lesnar attacked Ambrose before Raw, it's officially begun. And this means Ambrose stays face, which means he'll probably shrug off that Roman won. Bros > titles am I right.
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  12. Brock and Wyatt haven't interacted since The Rumble have they? Wasn't it just a way of getting Brock out of the match rather than a definite start of a feud? Ambrose doesn't really need to go over to be put over, he could well pull an Austin / Hart kind of finish and look very strong. An idea which had been floated on Reddit was running an Ironman match so Ambrose can pick up a fall without winning, could work well for both guys.
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  13. Ambrose vs Brock is officially happening now. No doubt. Dean will prob show up later on in the show in an ambulance and attack Brock.
  14. LOL thanks a lot WWE you cost me $500 in forum cash for that, I actually lost all I bet XD
  15. Another Last Man Standing would be a good way to go. Both can put up a hell of a fight, and no one will complain about who won. They'll talk about the huge spot that ended it.
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  16. My thoughts exactly. Ambrose v Lesnar is soooooooooooooooooo much better than Bray/Wyatt fam v Lesnar.
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  17. I'm glad they've switched gears and decided to run with Brock vs Ambrose instead, but a showdown between Lesnar and The Wyatt Family is still something I hope to see happen at some point later in the year, hopefully Summerslam. What I'd mark out at seeing: The Wyatts attacking Lesnar the night after Wrestlemania and putting him on the shelf for several months until he returns for retribution later in the year (after months of Bray bragging about slaying the biggest beast in the yard) to set up a program for Summerslam. This would be awesome, and since the odds of Wyatt beating Brock are astronomically slim, it might guarantee that The Family wins every program they're in from Mania to Summerslam to look as strong as possible for Lesnar in the Summer.
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