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  1. Did I miss something, or were the Wyatts MIA?
  2. Everyone needs time off every once in a while.
  3. Yep, what JK said. Plus, Harper's been working, even though he had an eye injury... So, they should get some rest.
  4. Hopefully when they come back, WWE will have a good plan for them - and by this, I mean, Bray going for singles gold and glory, along with Harper & Rowan finally going for and winning Tag Team gold.
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  5. They would have probably been jobbing again anyway, so maybe their absence was for the better. More specifically, they may actually be struggling trying to figure out what to do with them. Bray Wyatt was rumored to go into a program with Ziggler over the Intercontinental Title, but with Ziggler and The Miz playing hot potato with the belt, who knows if that feud's even gonna transpire anymore. A feud between Wyatt and the Big Show was also rumored, but seeing how things were handled last week (Show handling all three members of the Family with ease) and knowing Big Show could be due for a title match with Brock pretty soon, I'm not exactly looking forward to seeing how that one turns out.
  6. They're just fodder for Cena, no surprise there. They had to get 30 Authority talking segments in, no room for them.
    But seriously, if they don't have anything for them, don't have them job on filler matches. It does nothing.
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  7. We'll see them again probably much sooner than later.
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  8. Bray Wyatt is clearly in limbo right now. Reigns absence should clear the fog in the writing room a bit
    Writing angles for characters like Bray Wyatt might be more complicated than you think.
    When you take Foley, Kane and Undertaker into consideration you realize that neither of them were booked the way a 'normal' talent might be booked.
    Wyatt cannot just go out and wrestle a match. The theatrics and the way the other opponent is currently being booked factor into it.
    Everything must be booked ahead of time with Wyatt. He hasn't 'humanized' yet so people are expecting something special in every match he wrestles.

    With Reigns out, they have time to write an angle a couple months in advance that will suit his character and move it forward.
  9. Yeah, Leo summed it up perfectly. Dude's directionless, so said direction shouldn't be jobbing, so why put him on TV?

    Also why did I lol so hard at Aids' Testify tag earlier? Is that joke in that "arrow to the knee" phase where it randomly eventually becomes funny?
  10. Oh my step mother! @Testify 's mom is a whore.
  11. They Werent Booked at night of champions
  12. are we gonna fuck or what.
  13. They probaly needed to rest or just nothing was for them that night. Would prefer them to not be on the show, than to have them in a pointless match where they are going to lose for no reason to some random babyface. They need direction and a storyline, which I would prefer if they were taken off for a couple of weeks to find something for them. Would prefer it if Harper and Rowan got back into the title scene though and make it a three way storyline. As for Bray, they really need to find something for him. If they do the tag team thing, I don't mind having him just support them through it, but he needs something as well to put him over, just to keep him on fire or find a spark currently.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Umm... What? Is this related to Sting? lol
  15. He's either being clever or inspiring. It's open to interpretation.
  16. Wyatt vs Sting at Mania 31 confirmed!
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