Battleground Wyatts to be the new tag champs?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Jun 26, 2016.

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  1. I haven't read much of anything on them lately. I check news from time to time - even though I don't watch Raw, I still like to have an idea of what is going on when I decide to watch a PPV. Anyways, to see this group back in the rumors bin makes me wonder what is next. Would they really turn the tag titles over to the Wyatt family? What do you think? I have never cared for New Day but I would expect them to drop the titles to a group bigger than themselves.

  2. I would love to see the New Day drop the belts to the Wyatts. It's looks the like the storyline is going to have Xavier Woods crack to the power of fear and possibly turn against the New Day.
  3. Meh, Enzo & Cass please.
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  4. You'd win a title before they do.:bige:

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  5. Rowan and Strowman would definitely be better than the boring New Day.. Somebody has to take the titles off this stale act.
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  6. That would be awesome...just not right now. If any team should be the next tag team champions It's Enzo and Cass at Summerslam. Besides Luke Harper is injured and I don't see a Rowan/Strowman tag team title run going well. Harper/Rowan is where it's at.
  7. Meh, I'd probably care if my favorite member of the Wyatts was involved - Luke Harper. But since Strowman is involved, no, thank you.

    Hopefully either The Club or Enzo & Cass dethrone The New Day, though.
  8. Going by this, I see this feud being a "filler" until Summerslam. The Club and Bonafides (Cass/Enzo) need to get "over" first before getting the titles. At this point, there's no real heat behind neither team.
  9. Woods to turn on New Day and join Wyatts, that's what I think and it'll be such a plot twist seeing Woods do that
  10. Professor Steiner and I did the math: The New Day breaks London and Kendrick's title reign about 5 days before Battleground. I think this is it, The Wyatts are taking it.

    The downside is that Strowman is likely to be involved. Man, I so wish Harper was back.
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  11. I'm guessing the Wyatts will still be able to use the Freebird rule? I'm really digging this feud btw. It's the most entertaining storyline going on right now
  12. This is actually awesome, because Harper isnt stuck in a tag team, and Wyatts being the giant tag champs will be sweet. Just please give Bray something other than the Stevie Richards treatment as soon as he is able to wrestle.
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