Wyatt's vs The Shield (Who would win)

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Arrow, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Who would win in a match in your opinion? WWE has an official poll up which you can vote who you think would win. I personally think The Shield would win due to them having in my opinion, a fair ammount of skill against the Wyatt family. ​

  2. I believe since the Wyatt's WWE carrier has been younger, they would probably win it. Right now they are like immortal and on a huge tear, I can't imagine them losing.
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  3. I'm not sure, they look abit evenly matched to me, maybe The Wyatt family.
  4. Wyatt family, hands down. It would be one hell of a match.
  5. The Shield, but that's my personal opinion.
  6. Wyatt family in kayfabe. The shield is just a group of strong normal people. The Wyatt family is a bunch of demented (and in Rowan's case probably brainwashed) rednecks. I don't think the Wyatt's feel pain but Shield would mostly likely have a limit to how much punishment they could take.

    In a shoot Rollins could probably outrassle most of them and Ambrose is a good brawler. But then again Luke Harper is the second Bruiser Brody and is stiff as fuck.
  7. I still don't see why this should happen. But Shield has lost to Christian/Usos at this point, so there it is.
  8. The Wyatts probably should win, because The shield has been established as a force to be reckoned with.

    Hopefully we get a long stable fued out of them. They have to eventually cross paths.
  9. who ever wwe lets win! :pipebomb:
  10. The Shield
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  11. I would say at this point the Wyatts for sure. The Shield is more established, and a feud with the Wyatt's is a good way to break them up.
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