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  1. I'm not a user of myBB so I don't know where the option to turn this on is (if there is one) so can someone point me there.

    Also, if there isn't an option, please can it be made one. It makes formatting posts much easier.

    Danke schon.
  2. No such plugin for MyBB. I've spoke to @[Anonymous] before about making one, and apparently it's tricky.

    Just to verify, it's the thing where you don't see the bb code right? You see the end outcome.
  3. Correct.

    It makes EVERYTHING easier. I thought it would be standard with myBB, usually is with most forum softwares.
  4. No it's not, only vBulletin and Xenforo have them and they're not free software. Both of those cost a lot of money.

    It does make things nicer on the eyes and easier, but most people can understand BB Code, or don't use enough of it in a post to be confused. If you need help with BB code, read the help documents.
  5. I need no help with BB code, it simply makes modifying posts easier.
  6. True, but once again, only when there's lots of BB code in the way. With the little amounts used here it wouldn't really benefit anyone.
  7. I've not really got anything on my plate at the moment, and I have a concept in mind of how it should work, so I'll go look into making something.
  8. http://mods.mybb.com/view/mybb-wysiwyg-editor

    Aren't those it?
  9. Wow, never even seen those. I'll give them a try on the test site. Last time I tried to edit the editor on this theme it went crazy on me.
  10. No. Fuck. No.
    I hate these.
    I much prefer to see the BB code.
  11. The second plugin has a tab for source, which likely means the default editor.
  12. I think there will be an option to disable it.
  13. I don't quite understand what you don't like about being able to see what you are doing... but anyway, each to their own. Maybe it's because I'm a web developer and get fed up of seeing code everywhere.

    There would obviously be options to turn it off, there are in vBulletin. I assumed myBB is a clone of vBulletin and thought it would've taken WYSIWYG editor with it. Maybe I'm thinking of phpBB, I don't know.

    All I know is that I imagine a lot of people would be happy to see it, those who know what it is anyway.
  14. Pure blasphemy.
  15. I'm only a UI designer so I don't see a matrix. It's nice to see an end product rather than a source. For me, anyway.
  16. Lmao MyBB a clone of vBulletin? A web developer should know different :emoji_slight_smile:
  17. Could understand a preference for GUI editors in something like software UI design, but in terms of web design, GUI editors tend to be pretty sloppy.
  18. Those plugins are outdated. Don't work with current MyBB version.

  19. You'd think so. Never worked with it.
  20. Isn't it going to be in 2.0?
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