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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Oct 19, 2014.

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  1. So now that most of you have probably seen (definitely had time since it came out) X-Men: Days of Future Past you probably recognized the end credits scene as a set-up for the Age of Apocolypse storyline.. Since this doesn't have anything to do with the General Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread which is dealing with the Marvel Studios actual movies from Disney I decided to make it's own thread.

    Anyway basically just put anything related to the movie here to keep it separate from the actual Marvel Studios' movies.

    The first bit of news I would like to post is the person who seems to be in the eyes of Fox to take the role of Apocolypse himself.. Currently it looks like Tom Hardy is the one they are eyeing, they like how he portrayed a big villain in Batman; Even though they didn't quite do Bane right it was still the best he could've done with what he was given.. I like the pick I just hope he's easy to understand.
  2. If Tom Hardy becomes Apocalypse, then I will literally chuck my bank account at the film.
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  3. I still need to catch up on The Wolverine and X-Men: Days Of Future Past before I get to this one. Cool to hear they're making this AND another standalone Wolverine prequel/sequel.
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  4. Boom... Quicksilver confirmed for X-Men Movies: Apocalypse. Also, talk of a Quicksilver spinoff movie. I'd be stoked for all of that and more! Quicksilver was amazing in DoFP, he had only a few scenes but arguably one of the three best scenes in the movie belonged to him.
  5. I would hate to be Aaron Taylor Johnson right now, it must be impossible to top the Kitchen scene from Days Of Future Past.
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  6. Yeah I doubt the new Avengers movie, even though he'll be in more of the scenes then the X-Men movie will be able to come close to Evan Peters' rendition of Quicksilver in DoFP.

    PS) Fuck ATJ, not a big fan of him to begin with.
  7. Its not really his rendition of Quicksilver as they will both be different as Aaron will be playing an older wiser Quicksilver while Peters was playing the shit talking teenager plus it was mainly the kitchen scene which was more Bryan Singer's work.
  8. Looks like the plan is for Gambit to get his own spinoff movie, I'm pretty sure prior to Age of Apocalypse but idk for sure.
  9. I'm excited to see it happen but fearful Fox will ruin another awesome Marvel story line from the past like they have so many times before. AoA was one of my FAV comic book storylines as a teen. SOOOOOO much came out of that.

    I just hope Disney buys back the rights to all it's characters eventually so we can skip all the dicking around and let Marvel make the movies people WANT to see, not what they can do with the characters they haven't already sold off. Not that no one wants to see the Avengers series but imagine how much more awesome the movies could be if the members of the X-Men/Spider-Man story lines who are ALSO interim Avengers could be in the movies. Wolverine, Beast, Spider-Man, the list goes on.
  10. I'd love a Gambit movie, but would prefer some scenes with the Cajun have subtitles included.
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  11. It is being reported that Oscaar Isaac (Sucker Punch, Star Wars VII: A Force Awakens) will be playing the title villain of Apocalypse in the upcoming installment of the newest part of the X-Men cinema series.. I don't know much about the guy but I've been told he's a pretty solid actor, the one thing I remember him in is Sucker Punch and for how weird that movie was he seemed to do a pretty good job.
  12. LMAO I was looking for this thread to share this like 10 mins ago. Nice
  13. Yeah I think it was on the bottom of the 2nd page or middle of the 3rd page I usually just search for it, I typed in Apocalypse in the search bar and then titles only and it pops up.. most of the time.. haha :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  14. What the... what the fuck are you talking about!? Bane was the best thing in the Rises film! What....the... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCK.
    Wha? What the fuck? Marvel sold parts of their assets? Fuck!

  15. That is true but he could've been done better, I do not like how they did that trilogy tbh.
  16. Yeah, like the X-Men movie rights belong to Fox and Spider-Man rights belong to Sony I believe. Thats why you'll never see those characters in an Avengers movie until they buy them back. So far Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have been the only characters to be used by two different studios.
  17. From what I heard Marvel is trying to nail out a deal with Sony that will allow Spider-Man to be in the next team they have set to be the New Avengers, I would like to see them successfully pull that off as well as negotiate with FOX to do the same thing for a couple of characters; Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing for example could be some possibilities.
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  19. Jubilee has been cast.. I love it!
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