Xanth on AGT

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by GrammarNazi82, Jul 10, 2013.

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  1. Xanth makes an appearance during America's Got Talent auditions. :obama:

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  2. Only in America would someone come up with a "talent" involving making music on a big man's body :lol1:

  3. I know, right? We're so proud of ourselves. :haha:
  4. Love the way they did that. They set it up to be so serious... then the fat guy comes out :haha:

    That rhythm! That sound! Oh-so impressive! :obama: <----best use of that smiley ever

    Man, that poor wittle guy though... they just smacked him right in the face... how many times did they rehearse it?
  5. they should win. it's brilliant.

  6. So much better
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  7. He was great (just not funny :haha: ), and I loved listening to him. I was grooving about like Howie was.

  8. I know! Talk about a swerve!! :haha:

    Did you notice all the red marks from where he kept getting smacked around? Dude's a trooper. :obama:
  9. Listened to this around 20 times now. Fucking incredible
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  10. He looks like Bray Wyatt too :yay:
  11. He commented on that video as well, that's even more awesome.
  12. this is not american idol. :gtfo:
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  13. Speaking of awesome random AGT acts....

    Also this one's for Rainman :

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  14. Ohhhhhh, and who could forget this moment:

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    Daaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnn. Just hearing the passion in his voice makes this impossible not to love. Impressive.
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  16. If you guys like David Fenley, I know of a Youtuber, who I've been subscribed too for quite sometime, that has similar singing skills. His name is Noah Guthrie. He really is quite brilliant. Here's his most popular video:

  17. Voice lacks the power and smoothness of David's imo.
  18. Ye, but I thought they were pretty similar that it was worth mentioning. Both are just really great and I really adore that kind of singing style.
  19. :robbie: What sorcery is this?

    Howard: "Alright, can't wait to hear your sweet music, thank you" :haha:

    Oooh, wow! She kinda looks like the younger girl from Despicable Me, or maybe I'm just a guy and think all young'uns look the same (sorry Hoss)

    GRRAW RAWR RAWR GRR :shock: :win: Holy cow! Hide your children from the other children! :emoji_slight_smile: (Tbh, she'd be mediocre if she wasn't 6)

    Haha, thanks for sharing!
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  20. :haha: You're welcome!

    Yeah, I figured she might remind you of the little girl from Despicable Me (mixed with a hint of the middle girl's "badassedness"), haha. Plus the name of their own song they "wrote" is "Zombie Skin" -- I knew you'd have to love it. :haha: Or else. :tough:

    I know, right?? She looks all cute and sweet, then that comes out of her mouth. :lol1: I could hardly understand a word she said but the shock value was worth it. :win: Rock on, tiny cute 6-year-old girl!
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