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  1. @[Xanth]

    Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle!
  2. Such a good song. Heard it so much though.
  3. This is true, but it's just so awesome. Also, I guess the song describes me very well. <3
  4. @[Xanth]? Sexy? Who are you trying to kid.
    He's scottish and ginger.
    Ain't that right @[Crayo]? Crayo's much more gorgzz bbz xoxox.
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  5. He, don't pick on poor Xanth, he can't help it he don't know how to pronounce the English language properly. Isn't that "light" @[Xanth]?
  6. I'm not ginger. My hair is brown/black-ish.
    Fuck you Jonathan

    When I get on my computer I'm neg repping both of you.
  7. :cry: but I've made you stuff @[Xanth] D';

    I love you :love:
  8. Be my boyfriend.
  9. Dropping in to say Xanth is useless. New Chairmen applications when I'm back with PC will be posted! :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Ah, glad to hear.
    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye Xanth! :cool:
  11. I'm not serious Jonathan, you can't apply for Chairmen lmao.

    Serious about Xanth being useless though. It's lucky he's UID 3 and isn't that important.
  12. I knew you weren't being serious :emoji_neutral_face:

    All Xanth does is read the forum, he never posts and never socialises. True story.
  13. Yeah, I'm that useless you keep me as a chairmen :3
    I post from time to time. I don't know a lot about WWE, so I prefer reading.
  14. Do you watch WWE? :no:

    He keeps you as a chairman just as a backup :blush::blush:
  15. I do, yeah. I'm a great backup then.
  16. Only because you're Scottish. You'd be long gone if you didn't Skype.
  17. Crayo, when I get my new laptop, you'll skype with me right? <3

    @[Xanth] should be funny to talk to.
  18. I'm not skyping ever again.
  19. Xanth, I will crush you with my superhuman abilities... You will Skype.
  20. You calm down Clark Kent.
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