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  1. Just admitted to me that he's watched all four of the Twilight films, knows what happened in every single one of them.



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  2. Xanth is a 13 year old girl.
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  3. Listen to that mistletoe song and tell me it's not catchy.
  4. That mistletoe song isn't catchy.

    You said you were going off? I left Skype for nothing?
  5. I'm on my phone.
  6. Did you just start using tampons Xanth?
  7. Starting getting her period when she was 13 years old!
  8. Right, at the point of sounding really strange if I say anything else other than this. The song is not catchy :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  9. It's a good song, you all just have bad music taste.
  10. I haven't listened to the song, and it may very well likely be catchy, but only because today's youth can only accept songs that are simple and utterly gut-wrenching because of their lack of actual free choice and lack of appreciation for genuinely meaningful lyrics. They're brainwashed into accepting any sack of shit that is pushed into their ears just because 'Its like number 1 on all da reydyo stayshuns. like dis if u liked dis u get me.'

    I also refuse to believe this song can be any more intellectual or thought provoking, seeing as this kids first hit sounded like a blatant advert for babybel, which is quite ironic when you think about how fucking cheesy and un-tasteful the song is. Though babybel doesn't come with a black guy, so I guess the similarities end there, unless you're eating babybel in the Jolie and Pitt household that is.

    Every time I hear someone mention 'bieber fever', I gain a little more hopeful and wish that maybe, just maybe, they've discovered a new flesh-eating virus that plans to wipe out the brain cells of every single one of his followers. Although I suppose the latter half of that sentence holds true with the actual definition.

    But music appreciation is relative, and I'll leave you to enjoy whatever you like to enjoy, even if the song's sung by someone who seemingly still believes in Santa (who probably looks like Usher in his diluted mind).
  11. That's why I prefer lyrical hip-hop rather than DRUGS MONEY BITCHES, SOMETHING NOT GOT BY SNITCHES
  12. I GREW UP ON THE STREETS I KNOW ABOUT ALL THIS GANGSTA SHIT, I KILLED A NIGGA JUST THIS MORNIN, HEADSHOT AND EVERYTHING oh shit brb someone's calling my iPhone while I play xbox on my plasma.
  13. I have an iPhone.
  14. loooooool
  15. True story.

    Ear to ear as if that's all I'm here for
    despite the wars founded by the rich, funded by the poor
    kids barely 18 are dying so billionaires can make more
    elsewhere hungry mothers watch their babies starve to death in a beat up shack on a dirt floor
  16. Lmao that's quality ^^
  17. That hamster is going to remind me of Xanth for ages now :emoji_grin:
  18. I am not a hamster.
  19. Bed time now Xanth. Bed time.