Xaviour Woods has copied Gail Kim's finisher move

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  1. Xaviour Woods has copied Gail Kim's finisher move that he did on Drew Mcintrye you know with the foot to the face then the drop that was her move I remember her doing that move when she was still in the company she called it the eat defeat. Seriously Xaviour get your own moves just cos your a newbie on the main roster doesnt mean you copy other wrestlers moves
  3. Why do you whine about every minor detail. How has he copied her movement? Hell, I bet Gail Kim doesn't even care.....I doubt anyone else cares.... I bet even Kim 'stole' that move from someone else.
  4. Xavier does it better anyways.
  5. He's been doing this move for a while in NXT.
  6. Would that mean:
    Cena copied anyone that used different forms of a Death Valley Driver
    Gabriel copied 2 Cold Scorpio
    Bryan copied all the people that have used cross faces
    Punk copied KENTA
    Natalya copied all of the harts

    No, scratch all of that. That's like saying using a basic move like a Suplex is copying. Don't know why I'm getting so worked up over this but that's not copying. Everyone uses moves that other people have used.
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  7. hahaha what a chump stealing moves from a CHICK buwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I love spaghetti
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  8. The move is called eat defeat. right?
  9. yessir. Or at least in 2k14
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  10. lol that's how i knew the name of it tbh.
  11. Gail Kim>>>>>Kelly Kelly so meh.

    Would be more concerned if he had copied the roll up pin Kelly's only finisher. :emoji_slight_smile:
  12. dude, forget spaghetti. Calzones are the way to go buddy
    Edit: Wait, just realized my avatar has spaghetti in it. I'm sucha fraud
  13. good point actionjackson
  14. who's actionjackson yo
  15. Yes BLFFL, because everything in wrestling is original. Thanks for your well thought and informative post.
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  16. *Xavier
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  17. That son of a bitch! I will now watch only original superstars with original moves, like Ryback
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    I'm not sure how to take images of tweets, so, right after his debut:

    gail kim 18 Nov
    Well my twitter is blowing up. Lol all I can say is there's lots of people copying the best. I'll take it all as a compliment!

    She isn't mad about it, so why should we be? But hey, at least you're burying WWE too like you do TNA. :emoji_slight_smile: It's comforting to know that even with your lower intellectual state you can still believe in equal opportunity burial for both companies.

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  19. Holy crap! I know, rite?

    I also heard that Randy Orton stole his RKO from Diamond Dallas Page! And CM Punk and Daniel Bryan stoled their moves from some dude called Kenta (or some shit like that)! And Michelle McCool stole her move from AJ Stiles! And Booker T stole a move from the Rocky! And I saw that duff Ryback steal that Jackhammer thing from Goldberg! And Edge and the Big Show and Roman Reigns stole the Spear from Goldberg, Too! And DDP stole his Diamond Cutter from Johnny Ace (who now calls himself Johnny Laryngitis...I hate fake wrestling names)!

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  20. HHH and Big Johnny should team up. Every championship match should consist of people trying to to spell and pronounce their last name.
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