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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. So as we know xbox announced at E3 that they would make 2 games free per month leading into Xbox One.

    So for July the first half was Fable 3 while the second half was Assasins Creed 2.

    Now starting August is Crackdown and the second half of August will be Dead Rising 2. Anyways, Crackdown is a dope game so download it if you want.
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  2. It's a great game, I will download it because I sold it when I finished it.
  3. Crackdown lol. Used to play that a little bit back in the day. Good for some cheap fun
  4. Do the games remain free that have already been free?
  5. No. It's like August 1st - Aug 15th
    Aug 16th - August 31st
  6. Game 1 and Game 2 that is.
  7. Forgot to download AC, shit
  8. Crackdown told me to drop 14.99, and when fable came out it only worked to hit x so you can pretend to use 0 gamerpoints to play. I'm not hating but i will say ps3 really kicked the 360's ass on all this shit.

    That being said, really excited for dead rising 2, i loved the first, and really only threw 2-3 hours into the 2nd one before calling it quits. Ill be playing it all through this time.
  9. Really? Raw deal man. They've all worked for me and continue to be free.
  10. I downloaded Crackdown for free.... they must just hate you Aids
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  11. Who doesn't?
  12. Also, if u have a lowly 4 FB Xbox.. At least make the free purchase and don't download.. It will stay free until u get a hard drive
  13. My mommy.
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  14. So as D'Z said yesterday they have Spartacus Legends for free.

    Also if you want, check if you have WSOP: Poker for free.
    If you don't, change your language and locale to Canada, make a free account and download it.
    That is if you want to run late night Poker on Xbox. :tough:
  15. I only play poker for real (American) money. Sorry kiddo

  16. Play me.
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