Xbox 360 MTU Error?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Trip in the Head, Mar 1, 2014.

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  1. Just started happening this morning out of the blue while I was watching something. Anybody else seeing this? I can obviously still connect to the internet with my computers and all other items, but my 2 xboxes are both dead in the water all of a sudden. One is wired, one is not. Have already researched online some and found some things to try which have also not worked (like change MTU size). Starting to wonder if its an issue with my ISP. We lost service for a few hours the other day for some unknown reason.
  2. Called my ISP and they told me I should switch out my modem for a new one, figures
  3. So, your issue is fixed? Or you still need help?
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  4. I'd say throw the xbox as hard as physically possible at the nearest wall and see if it corrects the issue
  5. Well the new modem had some more Ethernet ports in it, so I plugged my wired xbox right into that, works like a charm. The wireless one is still getting the error though. Just reset my router to factory settings and getting ready to try it again. Has to be something with the router at this point.
  6. piss on it, trust me
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  7. I'd like to, fucken bullshit
  8. For the Wireless Box, reset the network settings to default, turn off system and then turn it back on if u have already reset router/modem by unplugging power to it for 30 seconds and plugging it back in, then power on x-box and type in the wireless info again.

    Only had the MTU issue once and that's how I got it to work again.
  9. I power cycled that shit so many times now lol. I'll try that thing for the network settings. I mean, it still says I can connect to the home network (ie router) but then it won't connect to the internet. Doesn't even get to the xbox live test part
  10. Yeah idk when you call in for this Microsoft tends to push you over to your ISP but then your ISP tends to push you back towards microsoft.. But that was the one thing I was able to do to get it to work, idk if it was lucky but it was the only thing microsoft gave me to try haha.
  11. Has to be the router. My kids are watching Netflix on my wired xbox right now, but its getting its data straight from the modem. I bet if plug that ethernet chord into a spot on the router instead of the modem itself it won't work. Have to try later.
  12. Yeah, that'll be a good test, maybe the wire feeding into the router from the modem is not getting a good signal to it, you might want to try swapping out another ethernet cord for the one that's going from modem to router.
  13. 30 responses later, I have come to the conclusion that you need a new router.
  14. I know thats what I'm thinking too, but it baffles me that regular internet still works through it.

    I'll try a new cable. Makes sense that maybe not enough data is making it through the cable. Long shot, but what else can I do. I've had the modem almost a year now and Netgear charges you for any help on products more than 90 days old apparently. God damn it
  15. Yeah, it didn't work when I moved the cable. Definitelty the router. No change when using a different cable either. Fuck me
  16. As stated earlier, chucking it at the wall should help

    Source: I throw things that tend not to work and then they either do or I get a new one
  17. Can't afford a new one. Life chose this past month to kick us in our collective asses. Fuckin a
  18. Wow Netgear support SUCKS! Putting them on the list of brands I won't buy anymore. Right next to Phillips. Fuck those guys.
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