(Xbox 360) WWE'13 CAW Fed! Ideas/suggestions

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by Blue, May 14, 2013.

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  1. I was thinking of starting up a CAW fed, PuLs3 was thinking of making this a few months back but I think it could only really work here, and I want to know how many people would be interested in joining?

    These are what I need:
    • CAWS (If you want to wrestle)
    • GM's (The people who run the show, this will be on here and not in game)
    • Writers (These are people who have good ideas or have run great feds before and know how they work, writers can also pick 1 other role to be IF THEY ARE GOOD!)
    Most of this Fed will be on the site, but weekly shows and PPV's will all be played online.

    If anyone has capture card and would be willing to record the matches that would be badass, it means we could make this from a fed to a sort of private CAW league or record things in story creator instead of having to post it all on here.

    The things that would be on this forum would be draft picks, backstage area (which you could just RP in for fun, I doubt I will take the backstage area into much of my attention, and sometimes you will be asked to do interviews/ Advertisments/ promos like many wrestlers in real life. This will be sort of like GM mode, but everyone HAS to play their role, and play it good if they want to have a nice time >:emoji_slight_smile:

    I understand people have different timezones and such so all you would need to do is play your match within the week and just tell me the winner, I will not set-up the winners, we will just play with each other. *Note: When on here do not start fights or fueds as the writers/GM's should have plans for you, Unless they say you can do it DON'T!

    *Note: You must make your own CAWS! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THEM OF CC!!

    So if any of you are on Xbox have WWE'13 and would like to join please post, This is not the sign up thread I just want to know who would join in with this and help. Thank you
  2. I would join.
  3. what as?
  4. CAW or GM.
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