Xbox discs not playing :(

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Rysenberg, Oct 3, 2013.

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  1. Basically a lot of my discs are not playing/taking ages to work on my Xbox. I can't get on to GTA at all, which has kinda pushed me over the line.

    I've tried pretty much everything they tell you to, unplug the back, blow in places that need to blown, clean the disc etc and it hasn't worked. So I typed the error code into google (06-2e-00) and one thing led to another until I get to this website:

    So I follow all that shit until the end, and all of a sudden after I click on hard drive I don't get these options:


    I get this shit instead:


    Help please :sad:
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  2. Go to system items, content cache. Click A then delete it.

    If that doesn't work, plug in a USB so that it forces it to show the list of hard drives attached, internal, USB etc. Then continue that way.
  3. You can try to simply remove the hard drive and put it back in. Solves many problems.
  4. There we are, deleted that thingy and managed to clear the cache. Still naw working :sad:

    Tried and failed with that Britt.
  5. For storage, it should have HDD and Cloud Storage showing up. Just hover over HDD and click Y, then clear cache.

    If that doesn't work, then... uhh, delete the GTA V excluding your saved game and install it again.
  6. Place penis in disktray.
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  7. wrong way around, Microsoft fucks you
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  8. You clever little bugger.
  9. I've had this issue before and tried everything possible. You're just fucked my friend
  10. It's okay you can buy a new one, right? :lol1:
  11. I had the same problem before. I just returned it and got a new X-Box.
  12. Yeah I spoke to an Xbox 'ambassador', and he said the same thing happened to his wee lad and he had to buy a new one. Just whether I can be bothered to fork out £50 for three months of gaming is the question.
  13. I would, 3 months is a pretty long time. if you can afford it yes, If it would be a struggle to get the cash no.
  14. Buy a PS3.
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  15. The generic answer of clear the cache never works. Do games installed on your HD pay well? If so the answer is easy, the eye needs to be cleaned, or is damaged.

  16. Yeah, I've resorted to pretty much tearing the thing to shreds, just getting the same problem :sad:
  17. alcohol+ q tip didn't work?
  18. Ive fixed this shit a bunch of times. If i dont message you by tomorrow night your time, well tonight your time, send me a PM and ill help you out. All it is really is that the dvd cover has too big of a space for the magnet, and it gets off centered, so it doesnt hold the cd exactly in place, which a lot of times causes rings on your game discs.
  19. Also Rysenberg youre fired. Turn your staff privileges over to Danielson by the end of the day.
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