Xbox One or PS4?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by catlady, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. PS4

  2. Xbox One

  1. Put your reasons for choosing the one you will be getting.
    And vote. :obama:
  2. ps4 its cheaper and i already have a vita for remote play
  3. Whatever one Crayo and Ryan get.
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  4. Whatever one Xanth gets.
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  5. Whichever one the rest of manly ponies buy.
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  6. Marked

    But yeah, clubs > next gen consoles.
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  7. Everyone, it's time to move onto PC.
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  8. Xbox = Halo.

    Yes, I'm a Halo Fag.
  9. DRM and Internet dependance for the Xbox One is a dealbreaker.

    It's a shame because I was a Microsoft fanboy for this generation but when the new consoles come I will be getting the PS4.
  10. Damn You Lacky! :aries:
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  11. We don't care about Britanica 's cat

  12. How I've missed those 3 words. :obama:
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  13. Neither, sticking with PC now.
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  14. Ps4 is 100 dollars cheaper and I don't have to be online... So i'm somehow seriously considering it.
  15. It'll probably be a while before I buy either, but I'm leaning towards PS4.
  16. Besides the price, the PS4 has impressed me a lot better than the Xbox One.
  17. The Playstation has the more fun and exciting games in my opinion and focuses more on things I want and less on gadgets and social widgets.
    Playstation for me.
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  18. This.
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