Xbox reveal discussion thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, May 21, 2013.

  1. Jonathan

    Anyone else.

    Let's do this.
  2. I think it's streaming on your 360 as well.
  3. This guy looks like he is on crack lmao
  4. I already have my stream thank you little sir.

    Xbox live ain't going nowhere.
  5. The Xbox is alive? Xbox next is Johnny 5!
  6. WWE bottom left! :yay:
  7. Anything important happen? I'm downloading the app on my 360 to watch the stream.
  8. Pretty slow opening by some suit.
  9. This should be a live thread. :tough:
  10. This dude is just filibustering.
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  11. lol, Lacky is watching it as well.
  12. XBOXONE is the new name.
  13. Xbox 1? Not sure on the name but it looks nice.
  14. New controller is looking good.
  15. Looks like the slim but doper.
  16. Orton pops from the press.
  17. Fucking ugly...


    Literally a brick.
  18. Looks so amazing. Those controllers look fucking awesome.
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