XenForo 1.2 and fixing bugs

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  1. We are now on XenForo 1.2 which is great for everyone, but comes with a handful of bugs due to outdated plugins. Please be patient as these are being fixed, most are known about but feel free to report them in here.
    Also, this is the new WWEF theme, which is currently being modified.

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  2. Should also note for those who dislike this theme that we're getting a better version of our old theme soon which means you will be able to choose between the two themes that you wish to use, but until we get the files, we can't do that yet.
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  3. Looks horrible.
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  4. Yo I like this yes
  5. which is currently being modified
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  6. Layout's OK so far.
  7. New editor is enough to make this upgrade worth it. Just realised it stores what you type as a draft and reloads if when you come back to the post.

    Plus, now that we're not using TinyMCE, expect some livethread updates.
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    I hope Coon's getting back in his trash can where he should always be :obama:
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  9. New Layout, still improving it right, I can rock it.
  10. Main goals are to make this theme more colourful, wider, and it'll look much better with familiar features. As I said though, we will be getting one very similar to our previous one as soon as I speak to someone about it. For you MP guys, it was MP's theme, but we will update it to our own liking ofc.
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  11. Looks.....different. No complaints from me so far.
  12. Yeah I knew it looked familar, black is the new color that's in.Embrace the darkness people!
  13. Wait, this one isn't MP's old one lol. The one we get soon is MP's old one.
  14. I like this theme so much better than the old one
  15. Awesome!
  16. Protip: click the paintbrush under "Alerts".
  17. I like the simplicity of this, will the new one be much different?
  18. The new one is very similar to our old one we're all used to using, but with a few cool changes.
  19. Well I can now do everything on the mobile site that I could do on the main site. Great stuff guys.
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