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Discussion in 'Announcements Archive' started by Solidus, Sep 28, 2014.

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    With the upgrade to 1.4, a number of new features have been added and improvements made. I'll list them here and screenshot some.

    Poll Improvements

    You can now edit existing polls, and there are more options when creating a poll,

    (click for more info)

    Profile Posts

    The sidebar will now display status updates and profile posts between users. Commenting and liking is also different, there are 3 dots at the bottom right of each status, click it to interact.


    There is also a "New Profile Posts" option found under the Members tab, and a tab can be found when click "New "Posts".

    These are the most noteworthy, but for those interested, a full list of new features in 1.4 can be found here.

    Other Changes

    The ignore feature has been overhauled, and now looks like this,

    (tsar used for demonstration, honest)
    You can find this by hovering your username -> Ignore List


    Legends are now permitted to change their username once every 30 days.
    Name changes are now moderated.
    Name changes will be displayed on profiles again under its own tab.
    You can find this by hovering your username -> Username


    Legends can lock and unlock their own threads.


    Signatures have been restricted to a certain amount of lines and images, legends have less of a restriction of course.


    You can now quote multiple posts, just use the +Quote button.


    You can see who voted on a poll,


    Theme is a bit more colorful, chatbox is back, forum ignore options are now under "Preferences".
    There's probably some more things which I've missed, you'll notice them eventually.
    Enjoy. :bodallas:
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  2. Tippy top
  3. Toppy Tip.
  4. Money shot
  5. Is it supposed to look like this? It looks strange and cut off.


    OP is by default best post on the site for Tsar on ignore list.

    @Solidus you think it's possible to make polls that only have 1 option? Useful for IWT to only have a 'Yes' option on match polls. Default is minimum of 2
  6. The Bills lost. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. plopspot.
  8. Like it, but why does Solidus change his avatar back after like a day?
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  9. Cause he's the admin and can do what he wants :xanth:
  10. Cool stuff. Chatboxes are lame though.
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  11. Fgt where you been today? You ignored my texts :sad:
  12. :isee:You text Crayo....give me his number:stopspot:

    @Star Lord
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  14. Lol what. :stfu: idiot
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  15. You're lame. :kratos:

    Anywho the changes are great and the site does look quite a bit better!

    Just to throw a suggestion out, maybe the news bots can get their own section? Seeing the "WWE News Feed" bar kinda disrupts the flow of the sections, but it's more than okay. :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. The bots are like 2 days late anyways, lol.
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