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Discussion in 'Sports' started by Solid Snake, Jan 25, 2018.

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  1. Vince McMahon made the announcement today.
    The XFL will be launching in 2020. Are you excited?

    The announcement stream starts at 31:05
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  2. [​IMG]

    Didn't he try this already...& it was a complete & utter failure costing
    him millions upon millions of dollars?

    Well...much like the Plank of Wood being in the main event of
    Wrestlemania for the last 3 years & Vince expecting the crowd
    to cheer him...

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  3. Kind of charged by reasons I already said in another thread, but compared to last time, Vince seemingly has learned from his mistakes. Starting the league later and doing less crossover with WWE.

    But, will it be a success? I don't know. Vince is older now and I'm not sure how many more years he'll be active. He's healthy now but your health can take a sudden drop at any time when you reach that age. Example: my grandmother was very healthy for a woman her age, but then in the span of a year got more prone to falling, they found an aneurysm and got early stage dementia. Not to mention some of his decisions with WWE has been mixed over the past number of years.

    As for me, I barely watch the NFL, and to be honest, I prefer the CFL for football (which is essentially an alternative of the NFL for us Canadians) and if I watch sports during the Spring and Summer it is hockey and baseball. So, I'm probably not watching regularly.
  4. Fuck yea finally some real football
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. If they can find the right washed up guys this could be a mild draw.

    QB Pool:
    Tim Tebow
    Johnny Manziel
    Michael Vick
    JaMarcus Russell
    Robert Griffin III
    Matt Leinart
    Vince Young
    Jared Lorenzen
    Troy Smith

    Other potential players:

    HB Toby Gerhart- NCAA stud at Stanford
    HB Trent Richardson- Heisman winner who is doing well in the CFL I've heard shockingly
    WR Terrell Owens- stays in great shape and is broke
    WR Chad Johnson- T.O.'s sidekick
    DE Michael Sam- Big name from being the first openly gay NFL player
    DB Nate Robinson- was a stud in high school and played a bit in college at washington before committing fully to basketball.

    But if they really have a rule enforcing that you stand during the anthem I'll probably just skip out on this dumb shit.
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  7. Yeah and he focused it on sex selling (the cheerleaders) and "huge pops" having the wrestlers get involved. This time he is actually making a legit football league. Because of all the crap that has been going on in the NFL over the last 5 years, I hope he pulls it off. The NBA is already taking over.
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  8. Or you can follow the Beaver's solution.

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  9. Well...Good luck to him...I guess...

    I don't really care personally...I just
    want the storylines in the WWE to
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  10. The less time he has to spend with WWE the better. Think about it. LOL
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  11. Fair call...

    I'm always thinking Snake...

    The brain never stops...
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  12. Difference is... The opportunity is there now. Back then, it was difficult. NFL was roaring at the time, now? It's sinking. It represents a perfect opportunity for a new football league. As luck would have it, Vince has a once failed football organization. Trump is president. WWE is bigger than ever. So, right now, it's just the right time.

    And besides, the way the videos are pinpointing to about XFL, is that it's not just a sports league. It's also an online streaming service, an online brokerage, an online community, I can go on and on. It sounds good so far.

    It also sounds like Vince has been taking notes from NFL's failures.
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  13. But...I thought the WWE's ratings were at an all time low?

    Like they haven't been this bad since the mid 90's?
  14. Ratings don't really matter in 2018. People don't watch cable like they used to.

    The thing is it isn't just the NFL that is going to suffer its American football as a whole. The XFL and any other wannabe competing league will face the same issues and questions about long term health effects of playing football just like the NFL is having to for the past number of years.

    Honestly if Vince were a genius he would market this as a safer league and have them wear leather helmets and get rid of half the armor they wear. I was watching rugby highlights and those guys actually tackle with proper form instead of just leading with their heads down because low and behold guys don't lead with their heads when they don't have those types of helmets on.
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  15. He said it will be safer, so we will see.
  16. It's hard to make Football safer when it is a sport that the whole goal is to ram into each other and everyone has a large amount of equipment on. Not unless he changes it to flag football. Not to mention there is this culture of needing to have big hits in American Football. But admittedly, the CFL is a bit less dangerous.

    In the CFL (which is an alternative with 9 teams, a championship with over 100 years of history) has a larger field, a rule that when someone catches a punt you need to keep at least 5 years of distance before you make contact (which that is where you get a lot of injuries in the NFL) a larger field, and 3 downs instead of 4. That alone changes some parts of what plays are being made. And since the players, while they make decent coin, is by no means enough to retire on and a fair amount of them do hold jobs in the off-season, they tend to tackle a bit more like Rugby players in their focus is to pull him to the ground, not kill them (although there are some bone-crunching hits). There are injuries, but there is less controversy over it here.


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    Football's been fine. It's NFL that was suffering. Everyone's been talking about college football, and other alternatives these days. There will be long-term health effects of football, but "fans" still love the sport. Not just as a fan, but also as a professional player. Thing is, nobody has been able to solve the football injuries to this day. And the thing is, WWE is facing the same issues as NFL in some shape or form. In fact, WWE has been putting a lot of emphasis on "don't try this at home" and more emphasis on career endings through stars like Edge, Daniel Bryan, and others. NFL isn't the only league or organization that has the long-term issues. It's how you handle the situation, that matters more now. Eventually, someone's going to come up with a solution to these injuries, until then, football will suffer, but not by that much. There's a lot of money on the line. That's why these football players get paid for the exorbitant amount of cash that they earn. Anyway, the market is still there, it's just that NFL is suffering from the public image that it has now.
    Thing is, rugby players are smart. They aren't stupid. If you picked a player from anywhere in United States, you will find 1,000 people who will mis-use tackles. Now, this is not to say that current NFL teams or similar teams are stupid, I'm just saying that the method of tackling are vastly different. So, if rugby players are tackling each other head-on, rather than bowing their heads, headbutting, and whatnot. I always thought that the way football players tackle in the NFL were safe, because you're not tackling with your body, you're tackling with your shoulders out, and your head down. It's the accidents that injures these athletes - but, to be harsh, I'd have to say that these players need to be careful, be mindful of their bodies. [Like I said before; Rugby players aren't stupid.] There were times where players headbutt each other without realizing the dangers of it. When you press your head down, when tackling, you avoid the forehead accidents. That's why I always thought it wasn't dangerous. After seeing these dangers, I was wrong. I always thought the back of a player is more resilient than it seems.

    Let me put it in perspective for you: The way Edge and Roman Reigns spears people - that's dangerous. You can break people's ribs that way. But Edge and Reigns made those moves so that it doesn't really hurt the other person. It takes practice to perfect those moves, otherwise WWE wouldn't sanction them.
    They make a lot of money. Look at their quarterly reports. WrestleMania for example, makes so much fucking money for WWE, that it's fucking ridiculous. Put it this way: If WWE shut down the majority of the shows other than RAW and Smackdown, and many of their pay per views, WWE would be above water anyway.

    I'm listening to the unveiling stream on YouTube:

    And he answered to a person asking if the reason for relaunching XFL was because of NFL. C'mon, Vince! Play it up! I would have answered with a resounding: "Yes!" I would have just said that yes, XFL was relaunched because NFL's failures were the perfect opportunity to relaunch it. It would not spur any controversy, it would reassure people, and investors that XFL is a pure competitive franchise.
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    I am assuming you meant yards but it was funny to read it like that.
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  19. I don't believe that. If your show is popular...people will watch it.

    Well...I never doubted they didn't make a metric fuck tonne of money...