Xpac vs John Cena

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by James, Mar 11, 2012.

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  1. do you think a john cena vs x pac match would have been good? John Cean may have been taller and more muscular but sean waltman is much faster and knows martial arts so he would have kung fu kicked the crap out of him.

    speaking of whitch a cm punk vs x pac match would have been interesting since they both use there legs as weapons in the ring.
  2. Cm punk vs xpac would be more interesting. It just seems to me a feud between the two would work out better than with Cena. Cena would probably just bury him.
  3. Agreed. I'd love the mic segments between Punk & Pac.
  4. I hate to see anything with XPac in tbh. Whether it's stables,matches,promos or pornos. He's a decent worker on his day but that's it.
  5. hay x pac was one of my favourite wrestlers in the attitude era. don't diss him.
  6. Xpac was a great Cruiserweight. Had a pretty badass theme in the 90s too
  7. Could you post it?

  8. sorry i didnt realize any posted here

    that was my fucking dude back in the day

    He doesn't fit in PG doeeeee...
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