Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Dat leg drop :gusta:

    Oh that was sweet.

    If that's Curtis' new style, were in for a treat!
  2. *we're and yeah, we are!
  3. Yeah that was nice
  4. That was a pretty cool looking leg drop :obama:
  5. Still not sold on this gimmick.
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  6. I hope this adds to Fandango push!
  7. You and me both, I'd rather see the Miz at this point. :pity:
  8. What's Curtis finisher?
  9. It was a nice leg drop but I'm still not interested in Fandango's gimmick and I'm not sold on this rivalry. If it becomes more personal and about more than saying his name correctly then maybe I'll get into it.
  10. Swinging reverse STO and a Top rope Leg Drop according to Wiki.

    He used the Leg Drop as well back then as Johnny Curtis.

    I hope he'll keep the drop as his finisher instead of the STO.
  11. Nice leg drop... :cole:
  12. It is isn't it.
  13. :no:
  14. Haters gonna hate.

    Fandango vs Jericho is going to be one of the better matches of the night. Jericho is great and Curtis is a damn good wrestler.
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  15. Feels good to agree with Stop on this one. :win:
  16. Its sad the fact that this two will be or in the preshow or as second match (After the WHC)
  17. What makes you think this will go on the Preshow?
  18. Why would it be pre-show?
    I can see a random Battle Royal being the pre-show or even the US Title being defended.
  19. Maybe cuz there are too many matches
  20. Matches:
    Trips - Lesnar
    Taker - Punk
    Del Rio - Swagger
    Cena - Rock
    Jericho - Fandango
    Ryback - Henry
    Hell No - Big Zig
    Random divas match.

    Seems like the standard amount of matches for a big PPV main card to me.
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