News Y2J Signs A New Contract & Reveals His Schedule

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 11, 2015.

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  2. What did he say a few months ago?
  3. Something like he'll only be working live events and when he decides to come back on TV, he wants it to be 'special'.
  4. I still mark for Jericho and will continue to do so until the cows come home.
  5. Meh not opposed to him being off TV for awhile, they don't really have anything to get him involved with really except maybe an Anti-Authority faction.. WWE had something leak a little while ago about them not wanting Y2J involved in WM so the schedule he's working without any TV dates makes a bit of sense.
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  6. Don't care about him anymore
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  7. I wouldn't mind seeing Jericho come back now and then...but, at the end of the day, idc too much. It would be different if he didn't so this so often....but Jericho has had like 29385757488 "returns"
  8. The apathy toward Jericho is funny. He's one of the rarest talents of the past 15 years. He comes back solely to put over the new guys and he's still over enough to do it. His cross body off the cage was the shit.

    He's had *random made up number* of returns? Uh yeah it's called keeping himself healthy and not overexposed, a concept that you can't grasp apparently.
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  9. you've been a real negative Nancy as of late, Cleo. Turn that frown upside down, and have some respect for the great Y2J.
  10. Heck yes. I don't know if you're single, but I love to get shitfaced drunk and can't drive myself home. I feel like we were meant to meet. I also am huge in Germany...just FYI.
  11. I never once said he's not talented... And yeah, he comes back to put over talent and has a love for the company for sure.

    That doesn't mean that I'm not sick of him having returns and getting fired all the time. Only to come back a year later and expect to be as exciting. At this point, it has nothing to do with your love for him or not, it simply gets old bro.

    I "grasp" him staying healthy, but he can stay healthy out of the ring, too. It's not the be all end all.

    I enjoy Jericho and respect the hell out of him. But, again, him getting fired or vanishing constantly and then randomly showing up gets stale. That's all im saying.
  12. When did he get fired? That one time with Cena when he was a heel 4 years ago?
  13. Life couldn't be better. It's just that watching other wrestling promotions really makes you realize how much WWE sucks, thus I bury them deeper. As far as Jericho in particular, well, it's not my fault that he comes back twice every year and has just put about half the roster over. He can still put on fine matches but he's just no very much relevant anymore.
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  14. Haha cena a heel? Dude that was more like 13 years ago. Yes he was fired with cena, Ziggler, and by Stephanie as I recall.
  15. I meant when Jericho was a heel. His Bockwinkel phase. Ok yeah the Ziggler thing. So that's twice in four years. He's not doing firing angles every time he goes on tour with Fozzy.

    (Lights Go Out is a great song, rest of the new album.... Eh....)
  16. Relevance is in the eye of the beholder. That's very subjective as are most of our opinions regarding any art form, i.e. WWE sucking.

    I for one can't stand ROH. They do fancy moves, but they can't sell worth a fuck. That's the center of a wrestling match, selling. Ricky Morton shit.
  17. True. It is subjective. But yeah, imo his star power has diminished over the last few years.
  18. Wonder when the last time was that Kitt watched ROH.

    Because the no selling is far from a problem in today's ROH except for with guys like Elgin
  19. That's a fair statement, Leo
  20. I watched last month
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