Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else really sad that Y2J has returned, but only for a few weeks until he goes on tour? Seems like a poor time to bring back that legendary gimmick.
  2. He going to be back in Oct.!
  3. Even if that's true, it's still poor timing. Why not RETURN with Y2J gimmick? Instead of leaving 3 weeks after bringing it back and then returning again.
  4. he still Y2J!
  5. Not really getting that either. They should push for Y2J when he returns. Maybe have Ziggler delay the feud by attacking him or something. Then saying how he doesn't belong there anymore etc.
  6. I just don't get how they can explain Y2J's sudden absence after inevitably losing at SummerSlam. Unless he actually wins, disappears, and Ziggler keeps cutting promos on him and eventually returns and explains it that way, but that sucks for Dolph and Chris tbh.
  7. he Y2J still! he even said it on Raw this week when he help AR win the match!
  8. He still Y2J!
  9. Y2J HE STILL.
  10. Maybe have Jericho win and then just have Jericho extend his hand after the match in respect, since Jericho has pretty much said he does respect him. Have Ziggler swurve it with a full blown attack. Putting Jericho out. Or vice versa even with Ziggler winning. Many ways to do it logically.
  11. WWE doesn't do things logically, they do things wwelogically
  12. Fair enough, that would be quite cool. Though that still makes the Y2J gimmick return seem like it's the completely wrong time to bring it back lol. Surely returning after the attack would be the best time to bring it back. Though we all know WWE doesn't book in advance so meh.
  13. There lies the problem.
  14. Maybe they could have a random Kevin Nash run in where he powerbombs Jericho from the top of the titantron or something. :russo:

    I was happy to see that he's back with this gimmick and I think it's more to promote the match at Summerslam by further solidifying Jericho as a face and make him a bit more relevant, although having him start using it after returning does seem like a good idea.
  15. It begins....again
  16. He's still Y2J.
  17. He wont be leaving to tour with his band. It's a storyline.
  18. STILL HE Y2J

    I actually think @ [Mainstream87] has it right. DZ takes him out after losing to Jericho at SS, causing him to miss time so that, when Y2J returns (again), in October, it sets up a natural return feud.

  19. I dont see a difference between them :jericho: :jeritroll:
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