GFW Yeah, what's the update with TNA?

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  1. Aries, Styles, and Jo gone? Missed out on Steen?

    Has Testify had a heart attack yet? Does TNA still exist? This isn't a disrespectful pipebomb in the slightest. I don't keep up with wrestling any more but noticed those names are in WWE now (good for them). what's TNA like now?
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  2. No one watches TNA here anymore. Testify got embarrassed and left.
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  3. hahahaha poor Testify.

    So no update at all then :sad:
  4. Basically they lost their TV deal with Discovery and got a new one with POP TV in which they pay to be on air. The champion is a heel Matt Hardy. That's all you should want to know about TNA 2016 or @Stopspot can fill you in.
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  5. @Crayo, a stopspot rundown:

    TNA got dropped from Discovery because Dixie Carter accidentally sent an internal email to the Discovery VP of programming, in which she called said VP a moron (I am not making this up. This actually happened).
    TNA signed with POP TV (the old TV guide network). Some say that they are paying for airtime, TNA are refuting this but it's TNA's word vs teh sheets. They did sign a big TV deal in India which is giving them a lot of money.
    They only had paying crowds in attendance in 2015 during the UK tour.
    They've just had their first TV taping since July. They survived almost a quarter of a year by converting pre taped PPV matches into a mishmashed title tournament.
    Jeff Jarrett left to form his own company. Then invaded TNA. He was kicked out.

    Aries left, did a short return to ROH for the hell of it, then just signed with WWE.
    Joe left, did a longer run with ROH and then went to WWE.
    James Storm left. Got invited to NXT through Billy Gunn, then Gunn got fired for juicing and Storm baled back to TNA.
    AJ left in 2014, became a worldwide star. Is now with WWE.
    They turned Matt Hardy heel and put the belt on him.
    EC3 is the only thing worth watching in TNA now, also Drew Galloway (McIntyre) from time to time.

    And half the knockouts either got pregnant, found Christ or a combo of the two.

    They had an interesting year to say the least.
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  6. Incredible post there.

    Wow, Carter is a moron then it seems. Pre-taped postings for half a year+? Wtfff
  7. When they knew they were getting kicked off of DA in favor of more Bigfoot and Alaska themed programming they did not yet know where they would go, so they could not book more TV tapings. There was legitimate talk of them actually going under.

    And yeah, Dixie is the dumb dumb. But not in that charming Vince McMahon way. Kinda surprised she did not bring Hulk back when WWE kicked him to the curve for racist rants in his sex tape.
  8. Testify :styles::aries2:I remember his roh thread about not watching it ever again, then AJ shows up :booker2:
  9. If WWE wants a wrestler, they're going to get them. Nothing TNA can do about it, everyone wants to work for WWE at the end of the day, even if they say otherwise.. TNA has to to rely on Jeff Hardy and building their own stars now.
  10. TNA has been VERY decent this year - Matt Hardy's being built up as a heel for EC3 to come back and slay as the face of the company. They're also building up the tag team, KO and X-Division... divisions slowly, with the likes of Beer Money, Drake-Godderz, Steve-Abyss and EY-Bram in the tag team division already (not the best, but they're doing it), they had a whole bunch of new knockouts at One Night Only and I expect to see a few of them debut on Impact in the UK or the Orlando tapings (I think) after that and well, we have the likes of Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett (injured) signed to permanant deals, with Ospreay, Big Damo and Havoc wrestling on the UK tour. We also have "The Miracle" who seems like a great talent.

    IMO you should just check it out, TNA seem to be rebuilding the roster and guys like Mandrews are even being given pushes, which is exciting to see.
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  11. Not to sound offensive. But lol
  12. [​IMG]

    Stopspot talking about TNA and their fans.
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  13. I'm not giving up in that horse is pulverized. I got to stick to the one gimmick I have that works.

    I got into TNA in 2012 when everything was champagne and fancy chocolates dandy. Then it's been a spiral into the odd and weird ever since.
  14. I mean, to be fair, they have a hot version of the Orlando crowd, EC3 vs Hardy feud is decent, they're rebuilding the other divisions and well, EC3 vs Hardy and Angle vs Galloway have been two great main events (idk about this week as I watch on Challenge). The X-Division matches have been quite fun, too. An entertaining 2 hours IMO, especially when you think about how they're building to some big matches for the UK tour. Things can only go up IMO (inb4 the entire TNA roster walk out).
  15. What crowd? The 200 people in Bethlehelm PA who came for the casino and didn't give a fuck about the wrestling?
    The EC3 vs Matt Hardy feud is already showing signs of tanking.
    The X division has no direction. The Knockout division is the worst its ever been and there are no credible tag teams outside of the wolves and beer money.

    TNA are in the same pattern as they were last year, build stuff up for the UK tour, then spiral into a crash after it. Jeff Hardy is being built as the main babyface, and he still cannot enter the UK as far as I know.
    Once TNA burn through the India money and the money they have made by dropping Kurt, they'll be right back were they were last year.
  16. [​IMG]
    pretyy accurate for the future amirire?
  17. It's an ongoing cycle now, build in Uk, flop, then build again, then flop again, Indian tour is obviously cancelled but that was just bad luck, TNA will possibly never die but they'll always be Wrestle Observer's worst promotion of the year.

    Dixie, give it up please, this whole run a wrestling promotion has blew up in your face
  18. I'll agree on TNA being decent since the move to Pop. Seeing good effort from the guys and most of the angles are pretty good. The depleted as all hell roster - as Stop mentioned since a Beer Money reunion (which is great and my first-ever nostalgia pop, lol) cost them two potential top guys and Angle is having a retirement tour, the only guys they can put in the ME scene believably are Ethan and a much improved on the mic McIntyre. This Matt Hardy title reign is a farce anyway. Yes, it sucks that he's even champion, but the way he won it (via double turn due to a thrown hammer hidden in a baby carriage and Tyrus turning on EC3 and the whole match being around Ethan's "neva say die attitude")... It was like ADR winning the WHC from Dolph that one time, hopefully with the right outcome this time. Such a forgotten stupid WWE booking decision lol

    In large part though, I've felt like with more indies being more easily accessible, TNA has had to step up and do something that gives them an identity. They shouldn't be a second rate version of anyone, especially when they have to largely hide their roster, and TNA being about swerves and throwing shit at the wall and more... For lack of a better word, fun stuff, should separate them from all the other stuff we watch wrestling for which are well covered by the other companies.
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