Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. So I watched this for the first time. I honestly never heard of it happening... But... It made me sick to my stomach. I am shocked this child was still able to play in the NBA. World Peace my left foot!

  2. Imagine Ben Wallace vs Ron Artest in a ring. I dont care what kind, Dana White missed out.
  3. Seriously though, bad move from them, but worse by the fans. The only reason it went down is some asshole thought he was safe to throw beer on someone and have no consequences.

  4. The irony of this video is 2 of those players now play for the Knicks :smug: Carmelo with the sucker punch

    EDIT 38 seconds all you here is fist to face.
  5. Is this a sports thread?
  6. Id say so. It's not going to get sympathy/talks about the OP's topic, but im sure plenty of sports fight links will happen. :woo1:
  7. Yeah but the guy that threw the trash didn't get hit. It was a fan that had nothing to do with it that got tackled!
  8. :GTFO: the way, thats what that fan should have done. My favorite is when he walks up straight into a fan and just bashes him in the face. I wonder if that's where the Kenny Powers straight punch came from.
  9. I wonder what the second guy said that made him do that
  10. Whatever he said, he was wrong.
  11. I don't know if any of you watch the Boondocks but that was a classic n----- moment. I mean, control your angry. No need to have a fit and start beating people up. If you are in a professional league act like a professional.
  12. A classic Ninja moment? I didnt see kung fu treachery.

    Seriously, fix the moment part to be more PC please, it's even over my boundaries.
  13. Artest is one wild ninja.
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