YES!! Manchester United have signed Shinji Kagawa

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. FUCK YES.

    One of the best CM's out there atm. Something like 14 goals and 16 assists this year in Bundesliga, something like that anyway. Player of the year by far. FINALLY we have a good CM.
  2. Damn, who is going to break the news to JS Park that he's no longer needed as the token Asian?
  3. No idea, he wants to end his career at United. Little does he know he was really only bought so United could dominate the Asian market.

    But Kagawa is actually good! SO good.

  4. inb4 randy savage starts ranting about punk being the best CM

  5. :yay::true:

    Ozil says hi.
  7. Never knew Ozil played in the Bundeliga.
  8. Misread it.
  9. Don't get me wrong though, Ozil was definitely CM of the year.
  10. Bundesliga < EPL.

    The league's aren't similar. Closest to the EPL is Ligue 1/Serie A.
    Doing well in Bundesliga != Doing well in EPL.
  11. Too much wrong in this post.

    1) Kagawa has been Bundesliga player of the year 2 years in a row. Let me remind you, Ribery, Robben and Gomez are in this league. They would get into any team.

    2) Ligue 1 is probably less credible than the championship, so that's #1 on the epic fail list. Seria A is more competitive than ligue 1, but no way is it the closest. La liga is.

    3) Have you even watched the player? Hazard came from Lille, a shit team in a shit league, is he also going to flop now? Anyone can see talent, despite the league they're in. Hernandez was in some mexican league, he joins the PL and scores 14 goals as a super sub pretty much in his first season in big big games. Pappis Cisse was in the German league, arguably the best signing of the year.
  12. Ligue 1 less credible than the fizzy pop league? :facepalm1:

    I didn't see Ribery, Robben or Gomez doing much against Chelsea. :haha:

    Hazard has yet to prove himself in the EPL.

    Just watch and see. :mj:
  13. Glad United signed him. Powell and Hazard have proven themselves to be un-loyal already as we would of signed Hazard if it was not for Chelsea winning the Champions League (his words) and Powell was meant to be going United but now seems more interested in Arsenal. So I am glad United have Kagawa but they are going to need more people to replace the ones leaving this season and next season expected to loose:

  14. Honestly, yes. All BPL teams are stronger than most French teams apart from the giants of PSG and Marseille and perhaps Lyon. Top championship teams are on par with lower BPL teams. So the leagues are very close (Championship and Ligue 1), that's how much Ligue 1 sucks.

    Yes you did, you just saw Chelsea's 5-5-0 formation absolutely crush them like they did with Barca. Bayern dominated. Gomez just didn't show up that day, big woop, he's scored over 40 goals this season and Robben is widely regarded as the best RM on the planet.

    He hasn't been in the EPL yet that's why. You do know Hazard is thought of as a future baloon d'or contender right? That's not just pure hype, the guy is gifted.

    Either way, watch the player before judging bro.
  15. The Bundesliga is the best league in the world. At the start of the year literally any team could go on to win the league. 50% of the time it's Bayern but for the other 50%.. take your pick.

    There is no such thing as buying the title like Man City essentially did. Wagecaps mean that that cannot happen. No matter what game it is stadiums are usually pretty much filled and bouncing for a number of reasons. 1. Cheap prices: Unlike the Premier League watching your favourite team is possible even if you aren't middle class. 2: Safe standing: Is there any issues with it? No. It's perfectly organised and safe, however we are still scared to do this over here after the Liverpool fans(The ones without tickets) got themselves killed by overcrowding the stadium. 3. Booze!!! It makes everybody so much more lively and makes it an overall more enjoyable experience.

    In addition the games are usually of high quality and are often pretty high scoring.

    Taking all of that into account I believe that the Bundesliga is the best league in the world. I don't expect you to agree but don't be so dismissive of it.
  16. The rules and regulations, maybe so. I'm talking about quality. The BPL is the best league in the world for quality and unpredictability. Sure City bought the title, but the weakest United side in years took them all the way. Sides like QPR nearly beat them, Sunderland beat them. The BPL is the epitome of unpredictable football.

    The FA sucks, the PFA sucks, sure. The refs here suck apart from Webb, sure. But the best league in the world is the BPL bro. I agree that the rules, atmosphere (maybe) and stadiums where you can stand and drink is awesome, but the football is no where near like the BPL's.
  17. This season in the EPL smoked any other league by a mile I should add.

    As a fan though I still prefer the Bundesliga ever so slightly, as it is more about the fan than the commercial stuff. But yeah I guess the EPL is the best football-wise in the world. With Bundesliga a close second.

    By the way. La Liga is overrated pish IMO. The games are ruined by shite refereeing and every season there are 2 possible teams who could win the league and that's it. Oh and Serie A is more corrupt than the FA and SFA combined.
  18. Yeah La Liga is ruined by 2 factors. The referees award everyone free kicks for no contact literally, especially to the top two. Also, the top two dominate. There is no match apart from the El Classico where you don't think they can lose. However, in the premier league, Manchester United going to Stoke away you could bet without being shocked on a Stoke win or a draw, or Manchester United to Everton away for example.
  19. Good signing but rumor is Man U are loaning someone out to Middlesbrough, any clue who that could be? We really need a good forward atm so really hoping Fergie will give us one.
  20. Probably one of the Keane's or Macheda or something. It won't be any top player.

    I think we will get a striker. Berbatov is being sold (for a good price), Owen has been released, Macheda hasn't had decent loan football yet which Fergie wants him to have. Imagine if we got Cavani :emoji_slight_smile:
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