Yes or no game (RAW only)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Example:

    Crayo: "Push Kidd to US title"
    Raniman: "Yes! Depush Tensai to Superstars."

    I'll start. Make sure to answer the above AND post your own.

    Turn Riley heel?
  2. yes! Cody Rhodes wins mitb?
  3. Not RAW but no I'd prefer Dolph to win.

    Cena to win MITB?
  4. Yes,

    Bryan to beat CM Punk?
  5. yes

    Pus Kidd to Us title?
  6. Yes!

    Keep AJ as the special referee for MITB?
  7. Yes!

    Bryan to feud with Cena after beating Punk?
  8. Yes!

    Chris Jericho to turn face?
  9. Sure why not, though I prefer him as a heel.

    Punk to feud with WWE again?
  10. I'm worried it will be too manufactured, but yes.

    CM Punk to turn heel again?
  11. Yes!

    John Laurinaitis to return back?
  12. No!

    SCSA for new GM?
  13. Not permanently no.

    Push Reks and Hawkins as the E&C type tag-team?
  14. No!

    Push Gabriel and Kidd tag team?
  15. No! >:O kidd need singles push. but if they wont give it to him then YES!

    Khali should retire?
  16. ^ agreed.

    and yes yes yes just die khali.

    Tyson Kidd wins WHC MiTB?
  17. Not yet too soon :/

    Cena stop wearing jean shorts?
  18. YES

    Prime Time Players to win tag-team belt?
  19. :emoji_slight_frown: @ kidd


    Sandow for a serious competitor and not just entertainment?
  20. No :/

    Any belt > spinner belt?
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