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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Have Vince come out to abolish the US title. Say there's a new tournament that will stretch over two PPV's for this new title (not sure on the name), but have it quite similar to the X-Division in TNA. Then KOFI can win it, he needs to get out of the tag-team division so hard, he's too talented.

    Why scrap it? US title is a dead ground now, it's beyond repair in my opinion. A new tournament stretching over two PPV's = people are interested. When Kofi wins it, people will be cheering their asses off for this amazing wrestler. Then from there you build it up and have proper stories. A fresh start as you will.
  2. There should be a name, first. That would excite me. Think of a name, Crayo. You can do this
  3. Yeah it could be a good idea as long as they take the title from Santino
  4. I don't watch TNA but isn't the X-Divison basically akin to the Cruiserweight Title?

    The idea might get people interested in the month or two that you stretch the tournament out for, but after that, the title might prove to be meaningless as well (depending on how WWE books it, much like how the US Title has become meaningless despite the value it once had.) I wouldn't really be against the idea, at least it'd be a midcard title that felt at least a little different (similar to the Tag titles and Divas title) since the US and IC titles are basically the same kind of championship, just under a different name.
  5. I seriously have no idea Kia, I'm not creative with names :((

    @Kevin: The US title as we know it imo has been buried beyond repair. This new tournament is a fresh start, this will only work of course if it's then booked great after with original storylines/feuds that include this title. It's still meant to be a midcard title, but a title that makes us think "boy, this guy is the future" and not "Aww poor guy been given the jobber title".
  6. Red, white and blue make awesome flag colors, indeed. However, the belt IS tacky and a professional ought to come in and design it.
  7. :finger: UnAmerican douche bags trying to bring down our country :kiss: But yeah I agree, I don't see a point in having the United States championship anymore, giving it to Santino just fucked it up. I like the idea of another championship, and yes the X Division championship is basically a cruiserweight championship, but it works for Impact Wrestling. WWE needs to bring it back again.
  8. Meh, if it's booked the same way as the US title is there's no point. I'd like to see it, but if they don't do it right (which they rarely do with the midcard) we'd have a new title just as valuable as the US title.
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