YES!!!!!! VINCE MCMAHON IS ON TWITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. @VinceMcMahon

    Oh my god yes!
  2. This is the greatest news of all time. How dare you so it.
  3. So?
  4. Shush!
  5. Serious? Angryvince won't be happy!
  6. Why are you so happy? And how do you know it's him?
  7. Confirmed on PWInsider.

    Because I can't wait to see wait Vincent Kennedy McMahon actually thinks about.
  8. :laugh:
  9. Lol at you actually thinking he'll sit there and tweet stuff... He'll be having someone else do that for him.
  10. What if Vince gets in an argument with someone..:lol1:

    Pure gold..
  11. It'll be corporate stuff only. I wouldn't expect any flame wars lol.
  12. What's up with the McMahon family joining twitter recently? HHH, Stephaine, now Vince? Linda & Shane are next.
  13. He'll have someone else tweet things for him. He's way too busy to be sitting there tweeting things every hour or so. He's certainly not gonna lower himself by getting into an argument with someone, ala Eric Bischoff, who used to do that on a regular basis, and probably still does.
  14. Vince = Owner Bishoff = Not
  15. Isn't it rumored that he doesn't like Twitter? I'm sure he'll have someone tweeting for him.
  16. That's what's funny and sad (at the same time) about it - Bischoff used to run a company that was doing some of the hottest ratings in cable history and now he's lowered himself to arguing with teenagers on Twitter and Facebook and constantly bashing the dirt sheets.
  17. INB4 Vince only posts pics of him spending time with the family.
  18. Wow, everyone seems to be on Twiter lately. It's funny that he hates Twitter, yet has no problem joining it...
  19. He's not going to tweet himself, his staff will do it for him but good news.
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