yes! yes! in world cup

Discussion in 'Sports' started by HIGH FLYER, Nov 8, 2013.

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  1. In the U-17 world cup final the Nigerian team and their crowd celebrated their second goal with a YES! chant.. I see theres a few soccer fans here so I thought I'd share.
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  2. I thought about that as soon as I posted! Face palm
  3. S'alright, thats what moderators are for I believe.
  4. @Seabs, you're on right now. Would you do the honors?
  5. Liked because of calling it soccer instead of football.
  6. Actually this has something to do with Daniel Bryan so somehow we can consider it the right section to post this.
  7. I suppose that could be true
  8. In the other hand, it's soccer related which means it should be in the Sports section. And the :yes: chants can just be a sign of their joy. Some just scream GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL and this ones may have preferred to yell YES! But anyways, if they're similar to Daniel Bryan's Yes chant it'd be something really weird and it's a good thing to mark it out.
  9. Up to you mr mod
  10. Look it up ! It Cant be a coincidence!! It's a Daniel Bryan chant for sure!! I guess they're fans in Nigeria!! The whole crowd got into it, pointin and everything
  11. That's so awesome
  12. This was already posted on the official site. I love senseless reposts.
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