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  1. Yesssssssss Daniel Bryan finally beat Randy clean and is WWE champion :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  2. Yeah until he loses it tonight on RAW...
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  3. Technically it wasn't a clean win, the ref cheated.
  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand its gone.
  5. How bout that spinebuster tackle in the AZ game (I think it was)?
  6. You go girl
  7. Anyone else ever notice how my left nut hangs slightly lower than my right nut? No? just me?
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  8. Opposite for me.
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  9. ~Do your nuts hang low, Do they wobble to and fro, Can you tie them in a knot, Can you tie them in a bow?~
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  10. I only have one nut :downer:
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  11. As much as I am rejoicing the belt is on one of the most deserved currently, there was definitely some foul play last night. Most people acknowledged that it was a very odd ending to the PPV. Daniel Bryan wins cleanly just like that? Also, it honestly wasn't their best match either. It just left you feeling sort of... empty in the sense that it just didn't feel like a big win for Bryan and not really "deserved" perse. Everyone's prediction currently is that HHH will point out the referee's quick count and will attempt to put the belt back on Orton. Knowing this, tonight can go a few ways. Bryan will just get attacked by HHH's lackeys and essentially "steal" the belt back, Vince will come to Daniel Bryan's aid after being away and thinking about what's really best for business, etc. This storyline does keep me at the edge of my seat sometimes because we never really know when Bryan (and possibly other people) will finally start rising up against New Corp.
  12. I feel like it was for two reasons. One just for a tease reign again, to rip away his moment twice in a row, and just to add the Daniel Bryan side plates to the WWEshop.com.
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    Well at least he can now say he has defeated both Cena and Orton clean for the WWE title. That's some prestigious shit.
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  14. Pretty sure defeating Cena clean is prestigious enough for a lot of people. Right now it means Daniel Bryan and Orton are at the very top. I'm glad they did this, despite who has the belt, and got Cena to take time off.
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