Yesssssssssss CM Punk (spoiler)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. Yesssssssssss CM Punk has retained his WWE title again!!!!!!! :emoji_slight_smile: so happy right now i literally screamed my lungs out when he pinned Kane. And OMG AJ tricked Kane by pretending to be hurt so CM Punk could win and that smile she gave him when Kane was carrying her backstage was epic!!!!!

    CM Punk best in the world and still WWE champion oh yessssssssss
  2. Yesssssssssss CM Punk has retained his WWE title again!!!!!!!

    You shouldn't have put that in the title as this could spoil it for those who are wishing to watch it later on in the evening. I would recommend getting the title edited to something with a spoiler tag to avoid ruining for others who haven't seen it as of yet. Now to the topic on hand, I wanted Daniel Bryan to win but we'll see the storyline progress further until the Championship get's taken off CM Punk.
  3. Changed the title happy now???

    Really happy for CM Punk :emoji_slight_smile: he deserves a long title reign for how awesome he is
  4. Worst spoiler ever :lol1:
  5. Punk would be welcome to a long title reign if it was interesting to watch. But sadly that has not been the case in a long while. Punk has been seriously de-fanged by being turned into another smilie go lucky babyface. If he had some interesting opposition the reign would have been interesting but like a typical Cena reign he always overcomes the odds and stands tall by the end of it all.

    Just look at the guy he has had a serious feud with. Jericho, Jericho is a great heel but Punk not being allowed to be Punk brought all those segments down from the quality most of us know them to be able off. Punks segments continued to loose ratings until he began the feud with Bryan. And that was because Bryan is the most over heel in the company and a legitimate draw since the smarks love him and the casuals want to see him beat up.

    Give Punk something to work with and remove the leash holding him down and he might be able to save this boring title reign. Otherwise take the title of him and have him chase it. Cause he is way more interesting and awesome when he is chasing the title.
  6. It still kinda gives it away to be honest, could rename it to something like "Punk/Kane/Bryan Outcome (Spoiler). That's just a personal preference, it's up to you, though.
  7. Saylor im pretty sure everyone by now must of watched the PPV or they would of been spoiled already by going on the internet so really my title on here doesnt matter

    All that matters is CM Punk is still WWE champion woohoo :emoji_slight_smile:

  8. This is Punks title reign at the moment. :burns:

    Give him some serious opposition or take the tile of him and have him chase it so things get interesting.
  9. His current title reign is currently stale, to be honest.
  10. Dude! That is a total spoiler. You need to edit that

  11. Stopspot hit the nail on thE head with his earlier post.

    Another issue with him the last few month IMO is that his opponents don't really have any issues or things that annoy him in real life. His fuedw with Vince/Cena/Hunter were so good because we could tell that everything he said was from the heart.

    For example, it would be great if they stuck him in a fued with Orton for example. He's a face so it would bring out the more tweener side in Punk, and he had personal gripes with him so he would maybe throw out some legitimate personal issues he has/had with him.

    Besides, he hates being a face, so it's hopefully only a matter of time before he does something again.
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