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    I thought he was fucked after tensai faggot ass threw him 10 feet onto his head.. BUT WHAT A CHAMP @ LIFE. <3<3<3. marked pretty hard, jizzed a little, and shed a tear.
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    side note: fuck Sin Cara. I hate that little botching prick. He tried to break DZ's neck with that top rope spot like a dipshit. I was happy to see Tensai powerbomb him onto a ladder. dick head

    BUT BACK TO DOLPH. :dawg: :jeritroll: :otunga: :cool: :boss: :baws: :tyson: :eddie: :terry: :ryan: :lol: :laugh: :lebron:

    Crayo you'll get your new sig after I watch the rest of this PPV.. I'll probably just skim through it, nothing else really interests me. Wish the SD MITB match wasn't the opener.


    Just saw him get buried by Sheamus.. That brogue kick scared the shit out of me. thought he fail cashed in
  2. I was also very happy with it D'Z. I mean, except for the fact that due to my awesome Internet connection I missed the entire damn WHC MITB, when I found out Ziggler won I also marked. Sheamus burial also scared me but since it didn't count it's OK I guess.
  3. You going to do a review?
  4. Nope
  5. this will be his review i think. he's just gonna post whatever he sees/thinks in the op.
  6. Not really lol. I already skipped most of the WHC match because I know sheamful would win and I've been jumping around the WWE TItle match as well. (lol @ this not main eventing after everyone was like 'now the wwe title is in the main event!!!'

    Also this match is exactly what I expected. Too much AJ Fuckery
  7. Skipping through Bryan/Punk is insane, that match was awesome.

    RAW MITB was surprisingly good too.
  8. I didn't skip it, I just skipped lame ass parts of it
  9. The match was so quick paced I can't actually remember lame parts but fairs. How far are you in to the PPV?
  10. sees that Dolph'sZiggler makes a thread in the PPV section with a spoiler prefix and is titled YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    i wonder what the thread is about... :hmm:
  11. Nice sig Crayo.
  13. :jeritroll:
  14. Any part with AJ involved

    and I just skipped the Raw MITB until the last 5 minutes. Cena wins, shocked.
  15. Not sure why, it was pretty good tbh. Big Show buried for most of it, Jericho involved in everything, Miz performing like a boss.
  16. Same reason I skipped the WHC title match. Predictability bores me
  17. It may not have looked as big and dramatic, but that Ziggler chair bump was the most dangerous spot of the night IMO.
  18. That or Sin Cara botching his moonsault slam on Ziggler. If Dolph were a less awesome human being he would probably have broken his neck
  19. Yeah that was disgraceful. Just me or did King and Booker break Kayfabe when they were mentioning that he could of broke Ziggler's neck? Sounded like they were genuinely pissed off.

    Just me who was pretty much at Lesnar return levels of marking ? I was going insane for the next hour.
  20. I wasn't quite at Aries winning the belt level or Lesnar returning level of marking, but it was close. I may have been there if I was watching live though.
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