Yet Another Departure From TNA; 3rd in 2 days

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  1. Former TNA Knockout Tag Team champion Rosita is also gone from TNA, has confirmed. The company did not renew her deal, which just expired.

    That one really makes me scratch my head as she's had star power written all over her since she was first on the independents in the Northeast.

    Rosita was signed to the company in January 2011 and was last used at Lockdown 2012.

    :finger: TNA.
  2. What the hell is their deal?
  3. Hi! I'm Johnny Knoxville. And today we are in Orlando Florida and are playing fire talent paintball with the TNA roster! Get them Wee-Man!
  4. Pretty sure she was on a pay-per-appearance deal... why not leave if you won't appear?
  5. RAIN! :yay:
  6. :mog: nWo misses you.
    As for these Knockouts leaving, :idontcare:
  7. :mog:
  8. Pope was one, Rosita is second. Who was the third that was released?
  9. Sarita.

  10. I see, keeping it low profile today. Get the fuck on champ.
  11. For fuck's sake, before you know it Impact Wrestling won't even have a roster, they need to sign and sign NOW.
  12. Rosita was a hot spice. I can't believe they didn't renew her contract. I wish I owned a wrestling company just so I could hire her and create her into a woman's champion so TNA could regret the thought of even releasing her.
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