Survivor Series Yet Another Huge Name To Return Tonight

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Nov 23, 2014.

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  1. "Despite Survivor Series being free on the WWE Network, it looks like WWE could be pulling all the stops to hook everyone in. Yesterday we heard huge rumours that Sting could be making his debut tonight, along with Sting, Randy Orton is another name to be mentioned as a name to return.

    Following on from Sting and Orton, backstage reports according to PWInsider are suggesting that injured Roman Reigns is scheduled to also return tonight. Regin’s has been out since September with incarcerated hernia. Reign’s wasn’t scheduled to be back in action until mid December, where local advertisements for the TLC PPV are promoting his appearance.

    As will all backstage reports nothing is certain until it happens, either way it would make sense for all three men to cost the Authority the match. Tonight’s Survivor Series is building up to be a must see event."


    Wondering if all three of 'em will make an appearance tonight and how they'll fit into the show.
    Should be interesting.
  2. Randy Orton was layed out by the Authority. It was kinda predictable for him to ruin the chances of Team Authority winning at Survivor Series tbh.
  3. I know BNB is scheduled to make a return tonight from injury as well, I'm pretty sure his will be during the kick off to the PPV.
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  4. Orton and Reigns, yes, it was predictable. But will they succeed at screwing Team Authority out of the victory (if they appear)? I don't think so, 'cause I'm pulling for this whole Authority saga to end at WM31.

    As far as Sting goes, it should be interesting to see how he's booked. (again, if he ever shows up in WWE)
  5. Yup. Would be even cooler if he said 'Fandango, I'm afraid I've got some bad news, your opponent tonight has indeed been determined... It's ME!'

    Anyways, if BNB isn't fully recovered to wrestle tonight, it's still gonna be nice seeing him interrupting somebody and delivering some bad news.
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  6. I hope he's fully recovered enough to wrestle and then that scenario does happen, that would be a pretty decent way to bring him back into the picture.. last I heard was that he still had like 4-6 weeks to go and that was at the beginning of this month so who knows he may have healed a tiny bit faster than expected!
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  7. Here's to hoping, mate.

    I can never get enough of BNB, missed this guy!
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