News Yet another top name leaves TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Majour, Jul 24, 2015.

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  2. I knew his return wouldn't last.

    Hope he comes to NXT and works the Rhyno deal.
  3. Why would you want to see Bully Ray wrestle in a relevant promotion in 2015?
  4. 'cause I'm a fan of his? :adr:
  5. I know seriously. He should stick with House of Hardcore and those promotions. Save these NXT spots for the younger guys who have bright futures.
  6. Well, that's your prerogative but you know this is 2015 and not 1997 when his schtick was cool, right?
  7. Quick enter and quit exit. Interested to see where he ends up next.
  8. I know, but still I'd like to see him work in NXT as enhancement talent.
  9. GFW. lol
  10. With his ego? lol, would be about as likely as Bully working a TNA show in Japan and not going into business for himself.... Oh wait....
  11. Just sayin', don't be surprised if it happens.
  12. WWE has already said no to Bully. Hunter doesn't like him.
  13. k
  14. Would rather have Kendrick work NXT regularly before Bubba becomes an enhancement talent. They already have enough as it is, though.
  15. He does seem a bit arrogant. If he can't seem be respectful of his bosses then he ought to stay home. Not showing up for an event also effects the performers he's working with that night. I'm confused why he was given such an on-screen position if he could whenever he chooses.
  16. Because it's TNA... home of bad decisions.
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  17. Aight, that does it for me. Does anyone here know another company with half-decent production values that is not named lucha underground? Fml
  18. New Japan, which does a highlights package show on AXS on Friday nights in the U.S. and Ring of Honor on Destination America on Wednesdays.

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  19. ROH, New Japan, Dragon Gate Japan, which does a bunch of wacky stuff, but unlike TNA actually intends to. I'm looking at you loser has his hair permed match!
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