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  1. or was that HHH/Lesnar/Heyman segment god awful?
  2. I liked it. The only worthy part of Raw aside from Punk/Taker and Fan-Dan-Go!
  3. It was funny, until Trips started beating into Heyman for no real reason other than an insult, then he just took it way too far to come off as a babyface in my eyes.

    Shoulda just signed the contract after Heyman made the joke about the "loser getting stephanie" and made his own witty retort.
  4. Didn't help that the crowd took a shit on it.
  5. Meh, it was only good because of Lesnar and of course Heyman on the mic.
  6. Thought it was great, but the crowd no-sold it. Not even a dead crowd ruined it though for me.
  7. I thought it was a good segment. I didn't see the stipulation of HHH's career being on the line happening. I think after the beatdown on Heyman happened and Lesnar came out, it just added to the suspense of what the stipulation would be. I think it worked out well.
  8. I think it's a silly stipulation. You threaten retirement for a guy who barely even wrestles anymore and has appeared in a suit more times than now in the past few years because we all know he's about to become the part owner anyway?

    I'm so glad they just went with a normal no holds barred match again, but they could have cut out the suspense of the "STIPULATION" and just did the normal contract signing and it wouldn't make a difference to me. Even if Triple H miraculously loses, I wouldn't bet for a second this will be his last match. Guys who lose retirement matches have a pretty bad track record of actually staying retired.
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  9. I with you D'Z too long, drawn out, for IMO a pretty shitty, pointless stipulation. NO HOLDS BARRED! Welcome to 1988! Would've been a lot more interesting if it indeed was Stephanie on the line. Stephanie on a poll match! Now there's a stipulation to draw buys.
  10. It wouldn't have been horrible if it wasn't yet another big nose ego trip. Being at the tail end of a Raw we were waiting for the end of 30 minutes in doesn't help.
  11. "Stephanie On Someone's Pole, But Whose?" match.
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  12. Not only that, but as much as I like Heyman, he wasn't on his game at all IMO. All of the 'fake stipulations' he threw out followed by his quick wrap up of why they weren't using that stip. was just boring to sit through. Then the whole Steph thing, HHH gets mad. I was checking the time on the video before it was half over.

    Considering how terrible the rest of Raw was I was really expecting a big segment from this feud.
  13. They really shit the bed with it. Would have been much better had HHH sign right away, then have Heyman let the Steph stipulation joke come out right away. HHH would start beating Heyman, Lesnar would come out, get hit with a sledgehammer shot, then Heyman would announce the real stips, show over.
  14. It isn't only you, I didn't like it too
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  15. This is wild speculation on my part, but it seemed to me like one of those segments that Vince was unhappy with and it was rewritten 2-3 times just before the show and it wound up being a damn mess.

    It was that bad.
  16. Even when trips loses, we all know whenever he gets that itch he will rassle again, cuz that's what he does.... he rassles.
  17. It was horrible. They tried to build up the suspense, but just ended up disappointing with a pretty generic stipulation. Why not just have it be a winner gets Stephanie match? Yeah, some may argue it would be predictable, but IMO it is anyway. Heyman implying all the things Brock could do to her would be sick and hilarious.

    Edit - Forgot about the retirement thing. Yeah that makes it even more predictable than the above stip then.
  18. That was god awful promo. I mean, Triple H supposed to be a 'babyface' and he acted like a real 'heel' attacking Paul Heyman. That was just disappointing to watch.
  19. He acted heelish just because he attacked a guy who insulted his wife? Heyman is supposed to be a pip-squeak who has a beating coming most of the time anyway, Triple H just gave it to him.
  20. Yeah, but you kind of forgot that he attack the security guards.
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