Yo, Punk Marks Who Hate The Rock....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Testify, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. And think Rock needs WWE more than vice versa....


  2. Literally never ever seen anyone say Rock needs WWE more than WWE need Rock. I've seen people hate on Rock, but I've never seen anyone even hint that.
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  3. I've heard/read it many, many times earlier this year (and even before the match vs. Cena in 2012). But then again, I already thought they were an idiots, that just confirmed it.
  4. Obviously all because Punk put him over twice.
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  5. Exactly, Rock marks are delusional.
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  6. Or because the 434 day reign ended after an elbow drop?
  7. Which Punk sold so well made him a star, god bless Sir Punk and his magical ability.
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  8. Le wild Laura appearance after a Punk thread appears :yay:
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  9. [​IMG]
  10. His box office sales are huge but to me as a film fan it just shows the moronic nature of film goers nowadays as half of his films suck.
  11. In general, big part of today's movies suck, it's just the way this nowadays society moves.
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  12. Rock was great for ratings, people just need to deal with it. I myself was against letting Rock beat Punk and coming back, but it was Wrestlemania season and Rock brings the views. I'm not saying that I supported giving him the WWE championship, but in the sense of business at the time and exposure for WWE, it was a smart move. Plus, Punk's reign was stale by that time. The same thing over and over again, Shield and Heyman having the help Punk and Punk just bragging about being champion. I can't say that I miss Punk as WWE champion, because then it would be a lie.
  13. This thread = 4/10
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  15. You should get out with me. Hogan is waiting us :ksi:
  16. Elvis has left the building, you fucking faggot.
  17. Rock doesn't need WWE and WWE doesn't need The Rock.. It goes both ways.
  18. Damn. We'll look for him but you're leaving with me!
  19. O really, WWE doesn't need him? That's why Vince poured millions into him in last couple of years? Vince is smart man, he knows The Rock doubled, even tripled whatever money Vince gave him for his couple of matches and appearances.

    Rock is accountable for millions of dollars to WWE in the last years.
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    I love em both. Both great, Rock/stone cold feud was a big part of my adolescence. Punk hasn't met up to that one epic feud once and probably never will.

    Stone Cold vs Rock main eventing 3 wrestlemanias. Awesome

    I'm not sure the numbers but the Rock has to be top 2 in maineventing wrestlemanias. I can count 5.
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