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  1. Bosnian fan here (live in the States tho).

    Used to love wrestling as a kid (I'm still late teens atm), love kinda dropped off after too much Cena but after seeing WM 31, I'm back for the ride! :yes:
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  2. Welcome to WWEF, Bosnian neighbour (Ja sam Srbin). Enjoy your stay here.
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  3. Welcome to WWEF @Bosnian RKO, is Orton your favorite wrestler at the moment, or do you have another favorite?
  4. Hvala!

    Yeah, Orton has always been my favorite, along with Jeff Hardy (too bad he's been gone for a while).
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  5. Sup.
    You prefer The Legend Killer or The Viper?
  6. Hello, hope you enjoy being active here. WWE or NWA?
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