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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. Sorry fucjjnt missed a neddeafue
  2. You drunk?
  3. Stupid question of the day award goes to...

    Dolph'sZiggler because I hate him.
  4. You never know he could be having a keyboard malfunction or a broken hand thats in a cast. Plus it's Thursday what kind of person gets drunk on a Thursday?


    Basically [​IMG]
  5. Fuck ing uescutlk ie UK

  6. He drunk.
  7. Fcjof. Idiots
  8. We should all get drunk so he doesn't feel lonely.
  9. He got drunk on a Wednesday, and now it's Thursday. Stupid Seabs.
  10. :youdontsay:
  11. At least I had better grammar when I came on drunk. You're all still welcome :sandow:
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  12. :yes::yes:
  13. Drunk you say?
  14. I don't even remember what I did when I was drunk, aside from calling Kanenite an over sexed kid or someting similar.
  15. You PM'd me saying you love me and my site.
  16. I've been drunk on here a ton of times. But I am a controlled drunk. I think I did a live discussion thread during the Euros drunk.
  17. I remember now, good times.


    :badass: Was that when we beat you by any chance?
  18. Lmaoo ^^
  19. No I believe it was the Sweden vs France match or England vs Ukraine, that or one of the quarter finals.

    I also think I did a round in the introduction threads drunk once :haha:
  20. This is why you're my favorite. :yay:
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